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Profile of a leader

No description

Dale Fuertes

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Profile of a leader

Profile of a Leader Journey of a Bedside Nurse to CEO Understanding
Framework? In her own words... Leadership Style - Role model professional excellence Engages Others - Networking with peer group Engages Others Be inspired!!! - only in my dreams
- impossible Think again!!! Introducing the journey of a Bedside
Nurse to CEO Aren't you curious
how she did it? - we will likely face a significant shortage of
senior leaders Due to the changing demographics in our country - as a response to this problem the LEADS framework was developed LEADS in a Caring Environment Framework - defines the skills and qualities needed for leadership in the health sector ` LEADS Framework LEADS – VISION STATEMENT To develop the next
generation of leaders for
Canada’s health system Why it is important ... - staying focused using stages of LEADS capabilities
framework towards the greatest goal (to the TOP) But first.... L-eads self
E-ngage others
A-chieve results
D-evelop coalition
S-ystems transformation Patient Coordinator January 1987 – January 1991 (4 years 1 month) McMaster Hospitals Director of Nursing Assistant Clinical Professor Director of Professional Practice Lessons learned.... Leads Self Seeking out positions with broader
range of RESPONSIBILITY Continuing education - Masters Degree - Recognize the "RESISTERS" -Develop nursing group
- Managing the relationships with physician and other staff - Becoming more business focused Achieves Results - Achieved budget savings of $275,000 (1992) and
$300,000 (1995) -Redesigned clinical units , reconfigured staff ratios (RN/RPN) - Expanded nurse manager and nurse
educator responsibility Develops Coalitions -Involved in professional associations - Took on leadership roles outside
work responsibilities - Provided network and source of information System Transformation - achieving broad system results with - Working effectively with other people
- Lots of Credibility
- Self-confidence - utilizing strength - Develop strategies
- Organizational
- Track organizational goal Unit Manager Vice President and
Chief Nursing Officer Chief Executive Officer Acting Executive Director Lessons learned.... - Always nurse at heart Leads Self -Walking early morning to refresh - Transitioning mentally and emotionally to become CEO Managing self at all times
- hold steady to the VISION - Relied on colleagues in the Region - Never forgetting few close friends Achieves Results - Surrounded by a great team of people - "Utilize my talent " - in improving processes - creating a big vision and working with people Develops Coalitions - Continued involvement on professional
organization -Continued peer networking to stay informed
on External environment - Continued coalition across the region System Transformation -Keeping people on track with the
organizational GOALS and
VISION An effective and successful Nurse leader Why did we select
her as our
LEADER? Looking back.... She is an Agent of change Engaged to achieve new standards in professional practice (all disciplines) and
quality of patient care She is a VISIONARY RENEWAL She Advocates Goal achiever ACTIVITIES Planned activities nursing leadership development
staff security
care delivery models
self managed work groups
multidisciplinary discharge planning
collaborative initiatives with community agencies - developed and renew followers - Executive Team effectiveness using KOLBE - a tool that identifies unique individual talent and assists to align work assignments with personal strengths advocated in acquiring government approved Family Health Team grants for both communities led planning/completion of a $20 million redevelopment project at Listowel master plan/business case proposal for a $15 million redevelopment project at Wingham Listowel Wingham Hospital Alliance Became Great Communicator - accomplished public speaker and author Her recent journal She is ... Award was designed to acknowledge outstanding leadership of an individual nurse in a senior leadership position Open to all Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) member,  hospitals, affiliates and associates This is an Ontario hospital Association Award that was started in 2001 .This was renamed under her name in 2009 Margret Comack National Award of excellence of Leadership in Nursing Margaret Comack BN, MEd Speaker of more than 100 conferences written so many peered review journals A journey of leadership: From bedside nurse to Chief Executive Officer Guided with LEADS framework Questions to Ponder When achieving your dream goal, there will be obstacles and your goal may seem unattainable, do you think LEADS framework will help you in your nursing journey? Reflection Then you can sigh like Ms. Comack and say “I am a successful leader , and now I am writing my learning in life” Current Activities Founder and Trusted Advisor Collaborative for Hospital Excellence Partnered with a group of seasoned health care executives who have a mission to improve performance of health care through executive leadership development and system improvement initiatives Ontario College of Family Physicians Designing and developing a Leadership Development Program using the LEADS model References Comack, M. (2012). A journey of leadership: from bedside nurse to chief executive officer. Nursing
Administration Quarterly, 36(1), 29-34. Thank You!! -Leadership is based in understanding
own personal core values Her Leadership Style is Humanist and
Transformational Leadership Heavily influenced by: - KOLBE process for identifying individual instincts - Caring theorist - Jean Watson and
Patricia Benner - Sister Simone Roach on her master thesis
committee in 1987 - Turned 90 years/old last year
- Wrote the first Code of Ethics for the Canadian Nurses
Association and designed her own Theory of Human Caring Personal Mantra in Leadership - Beauty
- Peace
- Dignity E-mail correspondence Successful journey as leader is not a destination.
It is by determination, nurturing your goals and hard works Starting seems impossible –like one in the midst of deep ocean
- Leaders, like Her are there to support you Education Work Experience Accomplishments Profile of a Leader 1987 Master of Education, University of Manitoba
Unpublished Masters’ Thesis – Ethical
issues in critical care: A perceptual study of
nurse's attitudes, beliefs and ability to cope
1982 Certificate, Critical Care Nursing,
Health Sciences Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba
1970 Bachelor of Nursing, University of Manitoba
1966 Westwood Collegiate Institute Staff Nurse (Coronary Care Unit/Intensive Care Unit)
- Royal Victoria Hospital
- Sudbury Memorial Hospital Patient Care Coordinator
1987-1991 Chedoke Memorial Hospital Director of Nursing
1991-1995 St, Joseph Hospital, Hamilton Director of Professional Practice
1995-1999 Toronto East General Hosp. Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
Huron Perth Hospital - 1999-2003 Lecturer
University of Toronto - 1996-2005 Assistant Professor
University of Western Ontario - 1999-2008 Acting Executive Director
North Perth Family Clinic 2008-2009 Chief Executive Officer
Listowell Wingham Hospitals Alliance 1999-2009 Vice Chair
North Huron Family Health - 2005-2009 Founder and Trusted Advisor
Collaborative For Hospital Excellence 2011 to present Graduation CRNE exam RN Staff Nurse Is it the end for our Nursing Career? How about becoming a Chief Executive Officer? - as a guiding tool in the journey to become a leader Distractions...Diversions...along the way - Health Care Leaders Association of British Columbia (2010). LEADS
Framework. Retrieved from http://www.hclabc.bc.ca/leads-framework Health Care Leaders Association of British Columbia (2010). LEADS Framework. Retrieved from
http://www.hclabc.bc.ca/leads-framework Staff Nurse/
Code Blue Nurse Achieving Results Engaging Others Leads Self Developing Coalitions Royal Victoria Hospital Sudbury Memorial Hospital - Constant awareness to self in
stressful situation -Calm, relaxed and collected persona -"Grace Under Pressure" -Motivated by a vision to
reach the TOP - Fostered development of the TEAM - Get point across - Never lose sight to commitment to
Care for patients - conscious awareness to
always "hold steady" - focus on the bigger picture -achieve positive
team results - Peer group networking - Active in sub-committees in
the Hospital Systems Transformation - Questioning status quo - Identified issues and
propose solutions -Continuous improvement
and creativity Transformational Leadership - draws positive relationship and stimulating innovative ways of
thinking and transforming followers’ belief and aspirations - Embracing healthy change
- Improving communication process
- Staff engagement/empowerment The followers should be ready - Bass as cited in Curtis & O’Connell, 2011 Curtis, E., & O’Connell, R. (2011). Essential leadership skills for motivating and developing staff.
Nursing Management - UK, 18(5), 32-35. - Humanist believes that caring is the fundamental
core of being human ICU/CCU Lessons Learned.... - Instrumental in building a new Hospital
that became Listowel Wingham Alliance Hospital LEADS Framework How can you apply the LEADS framework in your nursing practice? After listening to our presentation and learning about the LEADS framework, do you think you can become a Chief Executive Officer? From Left is Dale, Jaia, Nikola, Monica, Sophia, John, Ruth and Maria -Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario, 2012 Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario. (2012). Managing and mitigating conflict in Health-care
teams. Toronto: Author. Retrieved from http://rnao.ca/sites/rnao-ca/files/Managing-
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