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News of the World Scandal

Phone hacking allegations against the News of the World Newspaper in the UK.

amy carotenuto

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of News of the World Scandal

Background National newspaper established in 1843 in UK
Sister paper is The Sun
Based on celebrity scoops and populist news
Nicknames: "News of the Screws"
"Screws of the World" (Because of reputation for exposing national "sex freaks") News of the World -Scandal! What is the scandal? Accused of phone hacking in 2006
illegally gained access to mobile phones belonging to those of interest to the newspaper - Ex. Missing girl Examples of their many allegations Connection to lecture News of the World Scandal PEC - breached values of right and wrong to pursue wealth they obtained their fame by getting the latest "scoop" the weatlhy and those with power
control the media NOW wanted that control
-they went to these extremes to achieve
their control Connects to readings Freedom of press meant to
serve public interest CBC accomplished and adheres to
ethical standards NOW had no cultural benefits,
no ethical standards and almost
no journalistic integrity
(Explorations in Mass Communications, p.106) Discussion Questions 1. Had they tapped into
a potential crime, would this have been justified? 2. Why does phone hacking matter
and should the government do anything about it? 3. does freedom of the press justify invasion of privacy?
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