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Learning Goals, Success Criteria, and Descriptive Feedback

Introductary look at the concepts of Learning Goals, Success Criteria, and Descriptive Feedback as it applies to effective intrustional practices.

Luciano Lopez

on 8 January 2013

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Transcript of Learning Goals, Success Criteria, and Descriptive Feedback

What does it all mean? Learning Goals, Success Criteria, & Descriptive Feedback The Self-Assessment
Continuum How will I reach my Learning Goals? Example of Success Criteria: Descriptive When providing feedback... The assessor provides feedback about the product or performance that is solely based on the Success Criteria developed for the task

The assessor communicates to the student:
what has been done well
what can be improved
suggestions on how to improve. Writing Learning Goals: LGs should be:
Student-friendly language
Describe what the students will know or be able to do
based on curriculum expectations Where Am I Going? The Learning Goal (LG) is a statement of what students will know or be able to do. Co-created Success Criteria:
Clear, Strong POV
Supported w/ Examples and Facts from Research
Uses comparisons
Presents a Variety of facts and examples
True and believable
Describes consequences
includes a call for action

Uses advances vocabulary
Descriptive words and phrases
Correct spelling
Varied sentence length and types
Appropriate use of puncuation Learning Goals Growing Success, Learning Goals and Success Criteria Linked directly to the Learning Goal(s)
SC is Descriptive:
what does success "look like";
use of specific, student-friendly language
SC is Co-constructed:
discussed and agreed upon by both the Teacher and the Students
SC is the Foundation:
used as a basis for feedback and Peer/Self Assessment Success Criteria (SC) are the road map that
leads to the Learning Goals Learning Goals are:

Related to Curriculum Expectations

Co-constructed in student-friendly language LGs should be "fluid";
LGs should be revisited and revised as needed throughout the course of the task or unit Learning Goals Success Criteria Examples of Learning Goals: We are learning about the features of graphic texts I will be able to explain the way that graphs support mathematical equations We are learning to use clues in the text to understand the author's message, without them saying it in words (Theme).
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