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7.02 Establishing Argument Writing

No description

bryanna holledge

on 14 August 2014

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Transcript of 7.02 Establishing Argument Writing

Part ONE:
1. Write the claim you will present in your argument essay.
Florida does not do enough to protect people against distracted driving. The law has been established as a secondary offense. And the law only states that the driver must not be caught doing something illegal, like running a red light or swerving across the road, or they face the penalty of a $30 fine.
While there is always the option of Florida upping the price of the fine or reconsidering the standing as a secondary offense, people themselves also need to reevaluate their decisions. Even something that seems as harmless as fiddling with the radio can cause life altering disasters.
7.02 Establishing Argument Writing
2. Write the counterclaim you will refute in your argument essay.
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