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V1 Ashley Park: Family Model


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Transcript of V1 Ashley Park: Family Model

In addition to grade level teams, shared content teams spend roughly
2.5 hours
per week on instructional planning. These plans are closely aligned to the targeted support that takes place during intervention blocks and tutoring.

Effective implementation required a deliberate teaming structure with collaborative planning time to group & regroup students based on data

UP Academy:
Catching Students Up


UP Academy
utilizes a flexible approach to intervention to ensure students get the targeted help they need to catch up academically.
Economically Disadvantaged
Students with Disabilities
How did they do this?
For more info on
Up Academy:

UP Academy - Boston, MA
Students have a dedicated literacy or math intervention block for
30 minutes
four times per week. Students are regrouped every
6-8 weeks
based on student assessment results.
In addition to the intervention block, each teacher works with a small group of
4 students
during after school tutoring in order to provide extra support. The assessment results that drive re-grouping during intervention blocks also inform the composition of tutoring groups.
As of 2011 fewer than
1 in 3
students could read, write or do math at grade-level proficiency.

Students at UP Academy now have schedules that meet their individual academic needs.
Grade level teams meet for
50 minutes
weekly to review student data and determine action plans for struggling students. This review informs the type of support students receive during their
6 to 8 week
intervention cycle, and also determines how they are re-grouped for the next cycle.
UP has an extended day Monday-Thursday with an early release for students on Friday that provides teachers with a
2.5 hour block
for collaborative planning time

Students have both a literacy or math intervention block and a tutoring block Monday through Thursday, which results in
over 5 hours
of targeted support every week.

UP Academy is a charter management organization that operates in the Greater Boston area.
Schedules are structured to provide students with extra time in the areas they need most, and teachers are given adequate time to plan for intervention groups and re-group students based on interim assessment data.
UP Academy opened in place of Patrick F. Gavin Middle School, a chronically under-performing public school in Boston.

Teacher Teaming
Since 2011, student proficiency rates have

Elements of
Catching Students Up
due to the extra time and support students receive.
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