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Book Report Template

No description

Christine Lennon

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Book Report Template

Why I chose that passage Imagery A scene which uses imagery in my book is when Alex and Conner fall through the story book their grandmother gave them, and landed in the Land of Stories. This scene shows imagery because it clearly explains the land around them (the two kids) by describing all the trees, the plants, animals, and so on, so we know how the land looks like.

Describe: The scene uses imagery by describing all the land around Alex and Conner, using vivid words to create a clear picture in your mind.

Contribution: The setting contributes to the significance of the scene because when the author describes the setting, we know where the story takes place, or, in other words, we know where currently the main characters are. Use quotations marks to show that you used a sentence(s) or a paragraph from the book. This sentence or paragraph should be powerful, funny, emotional or stike you in some way. Your title goes here
Author: Name of author goes here Favorite passage Write why you chose that part of the story and explain your choice. Challenging Word Sentence from the book---> Write the sentence here that the word appeared in, in the novel.
Original sentence---> You make up a sentence that the word could go into and write it here. Describe and choose a character The character I chose is---> Character Name goes here.

Describe the character---> A paragraph description of your character goes here. Describe the character's thoughts and actions. Symbol for the character Why I chose the symbol---> Write your explanation of why you chose this symbol. It should be about a paragraph. Important value or ethnic Setting Describe the setting here (a paragraph).
List (of at least ten) words or phrases from the book that were clues to the setting.
List these in bullet form. Draw a picture of the setting. Show it to the class here. Similarities & Differences Similarities:
>List the similarities between yourself and the main character here.

>...and here...

>...and here... Differences:
Main Character's Name Here
List the characteristics that of your character that are different between you and your character here.
List things about yourself that are different from your character here. Make a connection Write a paragraph about some type of connection between the novel you read and something in your life, something from another book or a subject you have learned in school. Theme of novel You might state that one theme for The Three Little Pigs is that good planning can lead to success.

But we could also say the theme was about making smart choices.

As you can see, a theme isn’t something that's stated outright; it often appears as a lesson or message that the reader understands by reading between the lines.

A book of fiction can have many themes. Why? Because different people can find different meanings in books.

Write a what you think the theme of your novel is and why. Four Quotes to support the theme 1- Write a sentence or two from the novel that supports what your idea of the them is...
Include the Page number: p. 111

2-•“You need four quotes... Place the second one here.
Page number: 118 Continued... 3 - Number three here...

4 - Number four here... THANK YOU FOR LISTENING TO MY PRESENTATION If you have any questions, you can ask them now... 1 2 3 5 6 7 Did the characters show a value or ethic that is morally good or bad? Think about the Ten Commandments, or the Golden rule... Rules of behavior...etc. Explain the character's actions and how it relates to values or ethics. Word---> Write word
Definition---> Write definition here. 8 9 * Draw a picture of a symbol that represents your character.
*The symbol should represent that character... For example, if I draw a book, it might represent that my character is very serious about school or loves to read... Or I might draw a spear, my character might be a hunter!

**Show it to the class here during your presentation. Describe a scene that uses vivid words or imagery. This should be about a paragraph. Draw a picture of the scene that shows imagery from the story. show it to the class here.
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