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Extended Essay

No description

Anne Akay

on 19 June 2014

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Transcript of Extended Essay

Bilkent Laboratory & International School, Ankara Turkey
Anne Akay
, EE Coordinator

Extended Essay Coordinator at BLIS
Head of English Department
Teach IGCSE and IB English
CIS Accreditation Visits to International Schools
English Curriculum Review
in GSE
Attended IB Teacher Workshop, Feb. 2014, in Prague, "Managing the Extended Essay"

Extended Essay in IBDP
Extended Essay

Self-directed research project for Grade 11 & 12 students
4000-word essay
Required of all IB Diploma students
At the core of IB DP, along with CAS and ToK
Capstone project uniting skills in critical thinking, research, citation skills, and academic writing
Must be supervised by a teacher at the school
Promotes international-mindedness in students and schools
Plays a central role in "IB Program Standards and Practices"
What is the Extended Essay?
Ibicus IB Training Workshops
Extended Essay Advisors

Yearly orientation workshop from EE and IB Coordinators
Informal IB meetings throughout year
Advisors are given documents on Subject Guides, Viva Voce interview, Examiner Reports to review
Advisors are sent to IB Training Workshops
Librarian runs sessions on using Bilkent University Library's online databases
OCC online forum provides further guidance
Librarian asks Advisors for books to buy for school library
How does BLIS support EE Advisors?
Internationalism of EE
How does the Extended Essay promote internationalism and IB Learner Profile?

Students often choose topics relating to global citizenship, care of environment, peace studies
EE teaches academic honesty and how to avoid plagiarism-- schools can use Turnitin.com and Research Ready online course
Fosters deep thought about a topic, which can lead to impassioned commitment:
TedEx Youth Talks, MUN debate
College Application Essays
Publications in journals and magazines
International-mindedness of EE
Extended Essay in the IB DP
Anne Akay, Bilkent Laboratory & International School
June 3, 2014

New EE for 2016-2018
The Extended Essay will be revised in 2016, testing 2018

New Reflective Statement: how students have tackled their project and what they think about their own learning
More emphasis on interdisciplinary work in "World Studies" option, which looks at issues of local and global significance
11 criteria will be reduced to 5
Next year, EE's will be uploaded electronically
How does a school prepare students for EE?
BLIS Library

Our prep work starts in Grades 9-10 IGCSE
Students undertake yearly science fair research projects
Students in English and History write small MLA research papers
In Grade 11, students have option of taking a weekly "Research Skills" class
Students who fall behind are asked to take weekly "EE Support Class"
Progress on EE is monitored through Extended Essay Moodle site
Assessment Criteria
The Extended Essay is currently marked in 11 areas:
Research Question
Knowledge & Understanding
Reasoned Argument
Application of Analytical & Evaluative Skills
Use of Language Appropriate to Subject
Formal Presentation
Holistic Judgment

What is the assessment criteria for EE?
What are the new directions of Extended Essay?
Further information...
Standards & Practices
Presentation on EE for Grade 11
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