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8 Roles of the President of the United States of America

Civics take home test chapter 3

Nikki Foote

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of 8 Roles of the President of the United States of America

Chief Citizen Chief of Party Commander In Chief Chief Legislator Chief Diplomat Chief Administrator Chief Executive 8 Roles of the President of
the United Sates of America President Obama has designed Obamacare to provide more security to those individuals who already have health care. Also to give healthcare to those who don't have it and to try and slow down the growth of cost of health care rising. Our president does more than we all would think. He is trusted to be our leader of the Nation including the jobs of Chief of State, Chief Executive, Chief Administrator, Chief Diplomat, Commander in Chief, Chief Legislator, Chief of Party and Chief Citizen. He has more responsibilities than most other jobs and it is hard work but he does his job trying to fulfill all the different duties. By: Alisha Albee and Nikki Foote Chief of State Chief of State: The ceremonial head of the government of the United States.

Chief Executive: "highest up" makes the big decisions. Both broad in domestic and foreign affairs.

Chief Administrator: Director of the federal government, heading one of the largest governmental of the world.

Chief Diplomat: Main architect of American foreign policy and the nation's chiefs spokesperson to the rest of the world. Commander in Chief: Commander of the nation's armed forces.

Chief Legislator: Main architect of its public policies.

Chief of Party: The acknowledge leader of the political party that controls the executive branch.

Chief Citizen: The representative of all the people. President Barack Obama visited Connecticut to discuss America's laws on gun control. He is determined to restrict buyers from being able to purchase these guns so easily. That way it will help keep the children safe. This is an example of him performing his job as Chief Legislator because he is wanting to modify the gun laws already in act. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/09/us/politics/obama-in-connecticut-to-push-for-gun-control.html?_r=0 Article from New York Times This is an example of our president as Chief of State because he offered this award to Mr. Romesha from the United States. Obama represented as our figure and showed honor and respect to those who have served for us. President Obama presented Mr. Clinton Romesha with the medal of honor for his courage in the Afghanistan War. http://www.digtriad.com/news/national/article/268713/175/Army-Staff-Sergeant-Gets-Medal-Of-Honor An article from Digtriad Barack Obama plays as America's Chief Executive by making the decisions for America both foreign and domestic. He decides our budget and the cuts, that have to be made to try and keep our nation from piling up more and more debt. He also makes decisions like those for social services and many other areas while in his term as President. http://www.nationaljournal.com/politics/you-may-be-right-mr-president-but-this-is-crazy-20130220 Barack Obama signed a treaty with the Russian president in 2010 stating that there would be limits placed on the amounts different nuclear equipment allowed in each country. But it did not restrain testing new defense weapons in either Russia or America. http://www.nti.org/treaties-and-regimes/treaty-between-the-united-states-of-america-and-the-russian-federation-on-measures-for-the-further-reduction-and-limitation-of-strategic-offensive-arms/ Article by NTI This is an example of Obama acting as Chief Diplomat because he had to respond to a treaty with the Russian's to try and improve America and keep us all more safe. Barack Obama recently has announced that he will be sending half of the troops in Afghanistan back home within the end of 2014. http://www.boston.com/news/politics/2012/president/candidates/obama/2013/02/12/obama-half-combat-troops-home-within-year/TwFwTSjBruOGrMGafRkZpL/story.html This represents Obama as Commander in Chief because he is deciding what to do with the army. Deciding where and what the troops are doing becomes the outcome of America's protection and defense from other foreign countries and terrorists. An article from Boston.com An article from National Journal President Obama nominated John Kerry to be the new secretary of state for his second term as president. This is showing that our president is fulfilling the role as Chief of Party because he is representing the political party that is in the executive branch (democrats). He is representing them by nominating another democrat into a position in his cabinet. http://www.nytimes.com/2012/12/22/us/politics/kerry-is-pick-for-secretary-of-state-official-says.html?_r=0 An article by the New York Times This is an example of Obama as Chief of Citizen because he is giving the citizens of America something they want. He is offering health care to those who do not have any health care and more stability to those who do that is in the interest of the population, especially those who are facing a hardship in today's economy. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/09/10/us/politics/10obama.text.html?pagewanted=all An article by the New York Times Obama has been promoting to build new roads and bridges in different parts of the nation. This is to keep up with any damages and to enforce the new regulation standard of safe constructions (bridges and roads). This is an example of Obama demonstrating Chief Administrator because it is his job to enforce the rules and regulations. That means across the nation the roads, bridges, buildings etc have to be still considered safe with the new regulations. By him promoting new roads and other things that means he is doing his job of enforcing the rules. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/03/30/us/politics/obama-promotes-ambitious-plan-to-overhaul-nations-infrastructure.html An article by the New York Times Thank You
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