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Research Skills for Education

Effective search, retrieval and evaluation of academic material via online databases

Vicki Bourbous

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Research Skills for Education

Which databases do I use for
Education? Creating a Search Strategy What is a peer reviewed article? Why not use Subject Guide for Education Author:
Is a professional or expert with relevant qualifications;
Very little or highly specialised;
Educated with advanced reading level to understand specialised vocabulary;
Discusses research in a specific scholarly field;

Review Policy:
Articles reviewed by peers, editorial board composed of scholars in the field;

A peer reviewed article can also be called refereed

A list of references is included at the end of the article. In the library
Over the phone
Via chat service
or SMS
Via eMail From the library homepage click on Subject Guides > Education
http://libguides.acu.edu.au/education ?? A lot of info online is not freely available, but must be subscribed to (paid for by the Uni), so Google does not find it.
Most info found via Google can be published by anyone and is not scholarly
Google Scholar will pick up some of this scholarly information, but you need to link it to ACU for full benefit SO YOU ARE READY TO SEARCH? To get articles like this Search Tips Phrase searching - use quotation marks (eg. "parent participation")
Truncation - eg. work* retrieves work, workplace, worker, workers, etc.
Boolean operator AND, OR Narrow your search Subject (Thesaurus);
Geographic location;
Document type;
Peer reviewed articles. Boolean Operators "parent participation" AND school;
adolescent OR youth OR teenag*;
ICT AND (elementary OR primary) AND integrat* ENDNOTE Reference management software;
Download and install from library website;
Import references from databases;
Cite while you write. The New Search Good place to start;
Finds a combination of resources;
Can narrow down to peer-reviewed;
Items can be tagged to share with others;
Advanced search is recommended for researchers;
Does NOT search all databases;
Still useful to search databases individually via the subject guide.
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