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Doreva Belfiore, ER&S Intern

My project plan for working as an E-Resources and Serials Intern at the University of Pennsylvania's Van Pelt Library

Doreva Belfiore

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Doreva Belfiore, ER&S Intern

Who am I? What have I been doing? What's the goal? Where am I going? MLIS Student at Drexel University
ER&S Intern working with Katie Rizzio and Shana McDanold
Digital Collections & Circulation Intern at Rutgers University Law Library (Camden, NJ) Reviewing licenses for e-resources
Learning differences between individual and consortium licenses
Learning contract language defining permissions and restrictions on use of electronic materials
Learning the Ex-Libris Verde ERM system to track e-resource licenses Thinking about workflow between e-resource acquisition, license negotiation, license approval, subcription, and renewal processes and how to streamline using current software
Contemplating, as a library student, how an open integrated library software platform (such as Kuali OLE) could most effectively handle the licensing and acquisitions process for e-resources Being able to provide accurate information about licensing and use restrictions to Public Services. Challenges Interpreting legal language for copyright and fair use provisions with regard to library and patron usage of materials
Entity changes due to publisher corporate buyouts and package changes
License versioning Doreva Belfiore
belfiore@pobox.upenn.edu Photo by Rainforest Harley - CC- 2006 Doreva Belfiore
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