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Birth Center

My birth center plan for class. Its a dream.

Teresa Cramer

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Birth Center

The Need The Players The Space Legal Issues & Reimbursement Mission Community Resources Doulas
Childbirth Education
Breastfeeding Support & Groups
Prenatal support for VBAC: ICAN
Moms Bloom
Alpha Women's Center
Holistic Practitioners
Parenting Groups-BabyWearing, natural parenting, elimination communication
C-Section Rate in West Michigan CPM
Friendly OB/GYN
Location: Midtown
Building: Multi-family home
Plenty of space to move, bathroom attached to birth room with shower, access to stairs, safe to walk outside, backyard.
Birth tub, birth ball, bed, birth rope, robozos
Emergency equipment, laundry, biohazard bags, sharps container & laptop computer located in each birth room
Waiting Room with lending library
Clinic Room(s)
Meeting room for classes

Malpractice insurance
Due to a lack of freestanding birth centers in Michigan, insurance companies will cover cost at the "in network" rate. Including: Aetna, Cigna, MESSA, United Healthcare, Michigan Medicaid, NGS, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Great West. Only 1 freestanding birth center in Michigan.... * * To promote empowered birth for all women in West Michigan A Birth Center for Change
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