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Anna Holland

No description

Andrea Hardwick

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of Anna Holland

Chapters 2-3
Chapters 4-5
Chapters 6-7
Chapters 8-10
1. Stewpot and Frankie go swimming.
2. Frankie sees female hobos.
3. Frankie does her first job for food.
4. Frankie sleeps in a "jungle" and plays her harmonica for other hobos.
Nowhere to Call Home by Cynthia De Felice
1. Frances buys new clothes and cuts her hair to look like a boy for the rails.
2. Frances boards a train.
3. Frances encounters her first "bull." (rail guard)
4. Frances meets another hobo, Stewpot.
5. Frances receives her nickname, Frankie Blue.
1. Frances mourns her father's death.
2. Frances asks Junius about being a hobo.
3. Frances cashes in her train ticket for $52.71 in cash.
4. Frances runs from her taxi.
1. Frances is told she is to leave the mansion and live with her Aunt Bushnell.
2. Frances gathers her things.
3. Frances considers being a hobo.
A Timeline...
1. The stock market crashes.
(Black Tuesday)
2. Mr. Barrow's business
becomes bankrupt.
3. Mr. Barrow shoots himself.
4. Mr. Barrow's daughter,
Frances, is a penniless orphan.

Chapter 1
Anna Holland
Chapters 11-13
1. Frankie's possessions are stolen.
2. Frankie gets a knife.
3. Frankie jumps into a moving boxcar for the first time.
Chapters 14-16
1. Stewpot teaches Frankie how to whittle.
2. Frankie misses playing the piano.
3. Stewpot and Frankie recieve food from a nice lady with a baby.
Chapters 17-19
1. Stewpot opens up about Murph.
2. Frankie tells Stewpot she's a girl.
3. Stewpot tells Frankie his name, James Haskell.
4. Stewpot and Frankie go to jail for a night.
5. Frankie and Stewpot spend a night at the mission.
Chapters 20-24
1. Frankie starts to take charge between her and Stewpot.
2. Frankie spends a lot of money on medicine for Stewpot and other materials.
3. Frankie and Stewpot see the Rocky Mountains.
Chapters 25-26
1. Frankie and Stewpot reach a Hooverville.
2. Stewpot dies of pneumonia.
3. Frankie purchases a ticket to Chicago.
4.Frankie finally goes to her Aunt Bushnell's.
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