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The Italian Renaissance: Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre

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Lauren Rattenbury

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of The Italian Renaissance: Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre

The Italian Renaissance:
Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre The Elizabethan Theatre What was William's life like? What is Elizabethan Theatre? During the reign of Queen Elizabeth of England, many plays were written about various topics. Elizabeth ruled over the English throne from 1588 until 1603. All plays that were written during Queen Elizabeth's reign are apart of what is know as today as the Elizabethan Theatre. In this time period, many of the plays that were written were centered around famous kings, queens, military rulers, and other important figures that had an important influence on almost anything in the past. In the time period before this, many of the plays that were written were centered more towards religous topics, but during the Elizabethan period, most of the plays focus on one single issues. These plays were centered around numerous topics. The types of plays that were written in this era:
Some playwrights also thought to combine some of the above themes and turn them into a different type of play. An example of a combination theme is a romantic comedy.
History plays were written to show what a good king was like and how he ruled. These plays also dug into the lives of famous military leaders and others who had high power in history.
Comedies were plays with more humor than most normal dramatic plays.
Tragedy plays are well known for being sad and or depressing. Most tragedies end in the death of an important character or the main one.
Romances, as the name suggests, were full of love and romantic scenes. They also would normally tell the love stories of two young lovers. What were the types of plays performed during the ELizabethan theatre? What influenced ELizabethan Theatre? During the Italian Renaissance, people began for form ideas, they also taught and learned new things. These lessons and ideas became key factors in the creating of Elizabethan Theatre. Medieval stagecraft also had an important roll in the rise of Elizabethan theatre.
Tudor pageantry aided in the development of Elizabethan theatre as well. Tudor pagentry is an event created by men who were seeking a name in politics. These events were lavishly planned and elaborate. These events were mostly for the rich. They were basically used to earn votes for politicians.
The last major influence was the defeat of the Spanish Armada by the English in 1588. According to Queen Elizabeth, this win over the Spanish was a sign of a blessing. After the defeat the English gained pride in their country and more loyal to their lovely Queen. What were the characters in Elizabethan theatre plays? Senex- a man of power
Miles Gloriosus- a stuck up soldier
Shrew- a quick witted woman
An intelligent servant
Machiavel- political man who was a schemer
Calumniater Believed- a liar who is trusted
Idiotes- a dissatisfied individual
Parasite- a user
Pendant- a conceded man
Young lovers
These characters can appear in all plays. Some characters however, appear in more types of plays than others. The death of Queen Elizabeth was a sad and depressing time. From the death of Queen Elizabeth a new type of drama arose and took place of Elizabethan theatre, this type is known as Jacobean theatre. Jacobean theatre began when James the first took the thron and became King James. This type of theatre lasted from 1603 until 1625, following the king's death. What influenced Jacobean Theatre? What is Jacobean theatre? Jacobean plays were very different from Elizabethan plays. Elizabethan plays had more of a light mood. There were also many different types of plays written during the time frame. Jacobean theatre plays, however, were mostly centered around death, tragedies, and problems. The plays of Jacobean theatre were also very depressing and would often give a viewer the overwhelming feeling of defeat. Almost every play written during the Jacobean era of theatre were centered around those three central themes of tragedies, death and problems. What were Jacobean plays about? Who were the actors? The Jacobean Theatre William Shakespeare The Italian Renaissance What is the Italian Renaissance? This era began after the fourteenth century when Italian scholars concluded that they were living in a new era. The scholars claimed that this would be a new age for literature and the arts. During this era, a new way of thinking was born, replacing the existing one . Many other ideas developed from the Italian Renaissance, these ideas came from science, literature, arts, and architecture. A new philosophy was even developed during this era, today it is known as humanism. The Italian Renaissance came to an end towards the last of the fifteenth century. This end came when the newly developed italians were torn by war and other fights. John Webster- [1580-1632]
Thomas Middleton- [1580-1627]
Fancis Beaumont- [1585- 1616]
John Fletcher- [1579- 1625]
Cyril Thournneur- [1575- 1626]
John Ford- [1586- 1639]
Elizabeth Cary- [1585-1639]
John Webster is most famous for The White Devil and The Duchess of Malfi, both are tragedies.
Elizabeth Cary was also one of the frist women to publish a play. This time frame from 1601 to 1607 is referred to as Shakespeare's "darker vision" than of his normal plays. The darkening of his plays was caused by the death of Queen Elizabeth, ending the Elizabethan theatre. During the Jacobean theatre, most of the plays had a defeatist theme. All of these plays including Shakespeare's.

Popular Problem Plays-
All's Well Ends Well
Measure for Measure
Troilus and Cressida

Popular Tragedy Plays-
King Lear
Anthony and Cleopatra

From 1608 to 1612, Shakespeare had a few very popular romance themed plays.

Popular Romance Plays-
The Tempest
The Winter Tale
Perciles What were Shakespeare's most popular plays from 1601 to 1607? What about 1608 to 1612? William Shakespeare wrote many different plays and all were different kinds. Over the term of his lifetime he produced many plays and almost all of them were successful and popular. All of these plays were written during the ELizabethan era of theatre.

Popular Comedies-
A Mid Summer's Night Dream
Love's Labour's Lost

Popular History Plays-
King John
Richard II
Henry IV: 1, 2
Henry V

Popular Tragedies-
Julius Ceasar
Hamlet What were some of William's most popular works from 1595 to 1600? For these last few slides I will ask questions about the presentation and whoever answers correcly, gets CANDY! If you payed attention...... For One Piece: When did the Elizabethan theatre era begin and end? For Two Pieces: Name two characters from Elizabethan theatre: For One Piece: When did the era of Jacobean theatre begin and end? For Two Pieces: Name two dramatists from the Jacobean theatre: Last Question For Four Pieces: When and were was Shakespeare born? When did he die? Who was his first wife? Thank you for watching! :) The Jacobean theatre is a type of theatre around the time of the death of Queen Elizabeth. The event that really established this time period was the crowing of King James the first who succeeded the throne from Queen Elizabeth. This period began in 1603, when James took power. The Jacobean theatre really hit its peak in 1605. Sadly, King James I died in 1625. William Shakespeare was born in Stratford- upon- Avon in England on April 23 1564. When Shakespeare was just 18, he married his one and only wife Anne Hathaway. He and Anne had three children. Shakespeare was considered to be one of the best playwrites during both the Elizabethan theatre and the Jacobean theatre. Even though he was considered to be the best, he was not the only one who has great works. Sadly, after writing many magnificent plays, Shakespeare died on his fifty second birthday. He was burried in Holy Trinity Church What effect did this have? Elizabethan theatre set the tone for all other types of theatres. Before Elizabethan theatre, almost all plays that were written all had to do with some sort of religious theme. During the Elizabethan period, every play was about only one subject and focused on that one subject throughout the play. Today, this is how most plays are written. Before both the Jacobean and Elizabethan eras, small crowds usually would attend plays, but not anymore. During both of these eras, large crowds were drawn to the enticing world of theatre. Women were also able to star in more plays than normal thanks to the intellectual advance of many during this time period. We should all thank both of these types of theatre for setting the standards for todays gift known as the theatre. What effects do Jacobean and Elizabethan Theatre have on today's theatre?

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