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Sleeping With Sirens

No description

Alice Artis

on 26 February 2013

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Transcript of Sleeping With Sirens

By. Alice Artis Sleeping With Sirens If you cant hang If im James Dean, then your Audrey Hepburn Jesse Lawson Kellin Quinn Jack Fowler Gabe Barham Its about a girl and a boy who fall in love and the moral of the song is that as long as they're with each other they will be OK. "They say that love is forever, you're forever is all that i need, please stay forever with me" Sleeping with sirens is an all boy band and it has 5 members.
These four members are, Kellin Quinn, Jesse Lawson, Jack Fowler, Gabe Barham, Justin Hills. born in 1986
guitar, back vocals
replaced Brandon McMaster in 2009
his birthday is march 30th Joined the band in 2011
Started singing when he was three
left his other band called "broadway" to join sleeping with sirens. Born october 31 1989
Drummer for sws since 2009
He is 20 years old
Born in Muskegon Michigan
Has one brother named Nick Barham
Still features in the christian band "for all we know" its about a guy, and his girlfriend left him for another guy. he found a better girl later and decided it was a good thing she left him. Sleeping with Sirens Band Members The band sleeping with sirens started 2009
there band was first called For All We Know his full name is Kellin Quinn Bostwick.
father to a girl "copeland"
Lead singer in sleeping with sirens
Married to Katelynn Quinn
born in Florida
before fame he performed in another band called closer to closure. Justin Hills American Bassist
performs with christian band "for all we know" and sleeping with sirens
born in Houston Texas
played bass guitar since 2009 in they're band.
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