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Unseen Poetry

No description

Lisa Thompson

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Unseen Poetry

Unseen Poetry
Last Lesson of the Afternoon
From the title, what do you think the poem will be about?

Who will be involved in the poem?

What tone will the poem have and why?
Engage with it!
Have you got any questions you would like to ask anybody in the poem?
• Have you got any questions you would like to ask the poet?
Respond to texts critically and imaginatively;
select and evaluate relevant textual detail to
illustrate and support interpretations
Explain how language, structure and form
contribute to writers’ presentation of ideas,
themes and settings
Read the poem
When will the bell ring and end this weariness?
How long have they tugged the leash, and strained apart,
My pack of unruly hounds! I cannot start
Them again on a quarry of knowledge they hate to hunt,
I can haul them and urge them no more.

No longer now can I endure the brunt
Of the books that lie out on the desks; a full three-score
Of several insults of blotted pages, and scrawl
Of slovenly work that they have offered me.
I am sick, and what on earth is the good of it all?
What good to them or me, I cannot see!

So, shall I take
My last dear fuel of life to heap on my soul
And kindle my will to a flame that shall consume
Their dross of indifference; and take the toll
Of their insults in punishment? - I will not! -

I will not waste my soul and my strength for this.
What do I care for all they do amiss!
What is the point of this teaching of mine, and of this
Learning of theirs? It all goes down the same abyss.

What does it matter to me, if they can write
A description of a dog, or if they can’t?
What is the point? To us both, it is all my aunt!*
And yet I’m supposed to care, with all my might.

I do not, and will not; they won’t and they don’t; and that’s all!
I shall keep my strength for myself; they can keep theirs as well.
Why should we beat our heads against the wall
Of each other? I shall sit and wait for the bell.

*‘It is all my aunt!’ – an expression which means ‘it is all nonsense’.
D. H. Lawrence
Engage with the emotional content of the poem and its meanings for the reader.
Is there anything in the poem that reminds you of something that has happened to you?
• Does it remind you of anything that has happened to anyone else?
Does it remind you of anything you have ever read/ seen/heard?
Be poetry detectives
Predict what the poem could be about

Good Progress: Identify the speaker's attitude in the poem
Outstanding Progress: Explain the attitudes and themes in the poem
How much have you learnt today?
Which blob illustrates your learning? Why?
LO: Develop understanding of how to tackle an unseen poem
How is the poet expressing his ideas?
• Find the cohesive links.
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