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No description

Karen Wilson

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Breathing

• We breathe in to capture oxygen
which helps us convert food into energy in our cells.

• We breathe out to get rid of carbon dioxide – the waste gas which is formed as we use the oxygen.

• Our lungs pump these gases in and out of our bodies, and help us dissolve them in and out of our blood. Breathing 101 All about breathing... Breathing Breathtaking Facts You breathe in and out 22,000 times in 24 hours.

You breathe about 6.15 liters of air every minute.

The surface area of your lungs is roughly the same size as a tennis court. http://teachhealthk-12.uthscsa.edu/studentresources/AnatomyofBreathing3.swf Quick quiz 1. What sorts of things effect the quality of our breath?

2. What did the two breathing experiments show us?

3. What are the benefits of paying more attention to our breath? Owning your breath Many breathing techniques come from traditional yoga practice and aim to improve the health of body and mind.

The principles of basic yoga breathing are...
~Breathe through your nose
~Breathe into your belly
~Focus on the out breath
~Gently tame the monkey mind
(e.g. counting, mantras) When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace.
~Author Unknown Activity Find a breathing technique and have a go at it yourself.
1. What is the breathing technique called?
2. What makes it a good breathing technique?
3. Who could benefit from the breathing technique? (e.g. age/type of person)

Make a Wordle that includes everything you know about breathing.

Think of an interesting way to teach your breathing technique, perhaps using technology.
Some ideas... write/draw step by step instructions, describe/draw an app, plan a You Tube video, create an animation using Xtranormal. Words Breathing
guided meditation
pranayama Technology is bringing traditional breathing techniques to the masses (e.g. Websites, You Tube and smart phone apps).
Here's some examples... Technology and Breathing http://smilingmind.com.au/ Share! Share one new thing you learned about breathing today
Share your wordle or breathing technique
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