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Digital Marketing Strategy for Universal Island Def Jam

No description

Stephanie Brown

on 17 January 2011

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Transcript of Digital Marketing Strategy for Universal Island Def Jam

Digital Marketing Strategy for Universal Island Def Jam
Drive sales for Hedley's tour DVD "Go With the Show" and promote pre-order.
Generate continent-wide buzz about Shontelle.
Increase sales of Go With the Show.
Drive interest and generate buzz on and offline. Create a 2D barcode (scannable by smart phone) to be placed
on the back of the DVD in store.
When a consumer is in-store, if they scan the barcode they're directed to Twitter and prompted to enter their handle & password.
If they agree to tweet , they're entered into a contest to win concert tickets.
"I'm checking out #GWTS at HMV Bloor St. and I've entered to win free Hedley tickets" will be an automatically generated tweet.
Objective: Give people an incentive to go into stores and check out the DVD, drive awareness via Twitter.
Rationale: When followers see this tweet they'll feel inclined to check out the DVD for themseleves (presuming they're Hedley fans). Have one autographed DVD giveaway per day for 10 days
"Want to win your self an autographed copy of #GWTS? RT to enter!"
Objective: to obtain at least 1,000 retweets per day (and at least 30,000 impressions).
Rationale: Retweet contests have proven successful in generating buzz. (Ie @CarlsbergCanada) Activation 2-Pin Code Contest Attach a unique pin code on the inside of the DVD jacket.
Consumers enter the pin code online and are automatically entered to win a chance to attend a private Hedley concert with other winners.
If the DVD is pre-ordered, the consumer will recieve an additional pin code upon confirmation of order, doubling their chances of winning.
Pin code contest to be promoted using Hedley's online properties.
Objective: increase DVD sales & pre-order sales by 50%.
Rationale: A private concert is a great incentive for fans to buy the DVD. This contest will also gain traction via word-of-mouth. Select 20 music/lifestyle blogs nationwide, focusing first on those who've shown support for Hedley in the past.
Send bloggers an e-mail and/or a tweet asking if they'd be interested in recieveing two free copies of GWTS- one for their review and one to be used for a reader giveaway.
Those who comply will be asked to review it on their blogs and to organize a simple contest to give away one copy of GWTS.
Objective: Reach an audience of 50,000 readers and make them aware of the DVD.
Rationale: Blog posts create word-of-mouth conversation on and offline.
Engage further with audiences by posing questions on Twitter and Facebook.
"How many times have you seen Hedley live?" "What's your all-time favourite Hedley song?"
Create an interactive game or application that fans can play with on Facebook.
Ie. Pack your ultimate concert survival backpack- every time someone plays the game it will be published to their wall and news feed. "I just packed the ultimate Hedley concert survival bag ".
Have 30 second ad of Shontelle singing followed by "Tell us the name of this singer's new album and you could appear in her next music video and fly to NYC- tweet your answers to @GetMusicCA (or @Universal_Music in the US) using the hashtag #GetToKnowSho".
These 30 second ads will run on monitors in subway stations.
Winners will be selected at random to be extras in an upcoming Shontelle video and flown to New York.
Objective: Engage people by having them research Shontelle's new album, start trending a twitter meme, and to expose consumers to her talent.
Rationale: Subway riders are an attentive audience and though they can't tweet underground, they'll likely remember #GetToKnowSho.
Target 50 music bloggers/producers/DJ's across North America and invite them to participate in the Shontelle Remix Rumble.
Provide participants with an accapella version of an unreleased Shontelle single and ask them to remix it.
Entrants will submit their song to us, we will post them on Facebook, and open voting to the masses.
The 5 entries that recieve the most votes will be thrown into the finals and the winner will ultimiately be decided by Shontelle & Universal.
Entrants will be encouraged to promote their submission via social media
Winner will have their remix featured on Shontelle's next album.
Remix Rumble will be promoted heavily online (social media, banner ads on music sites, FB ads).
Objective: Get tastemakers talking about Shontelle online, exposing music lovers to her voice, and inviting consumers to be a part of the creative process.
Rationale: Entrants will do the majority of promotion for the contest themselves and DJ's/producers will jump at the chance to have a mix released on Universal Records.
Target far-reaching international blogs, ezines & music discovery sites such as Rollingstone.com, Pitchfork, thatgrapejuice.net, music-news.com, exploremusic.com and ask them to review No Gravity.
Select 100 influential bloggers in North America and invite them to "listen first".
Objective: Have Shontelle at the forefront of all major music sites online and to create buzz in the blogging community.
Rationale: The majority of people learn about new music online.
Google AdWords (for searches related to Rhianna, New R&B, etc.)
Facebook Ads
Banner ads on sites like HMV.com, Amazon, mtv.com, muchmusic.com.
Hire Bzzagent.com to distribute No Gravity and collect opinions and data from online conversations. Recommendations for Hedley's Social Media Properties Activation 1- Twitter
Use Twitter to orchestrate RT contests.
Drive people to stores using barcode/Twitter promo.
Place unique PIN codes inside each DVD jacket and give consumers chance to attend a private show w/Hedley for buying and entering.
Give bloggers two copies of the DVD (one for giveaway).
Buy space on digital screens in subway stations and launch #Get2KnoSho.
Launch a remix contest.
Provide major online music sources with No Gravity for review.
Seed influential music & lifestyle bloggers with No Gravity.
Purchase additional online advertising. CHALLENGES
Summary for Go With The Show Activation 2- DJ Remix Contest Summary-Shontelle Additional Digital Marketing Strategies for Shontelle Activation 3- Album Seeding OBJECTIVES (HEDLEY) Activation 3- Product Seeding
Increase album sales
Generate artist awareness on a mass scale OBJECTIVES (SHONTELLE) Activation 1- Twitter
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