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Media Watch Portfolio

No description

Mikaela Fergusson

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Media Watch Portfolio

Media Watch Portfolio
By: Mikaela Fergusson

Red has become very popular this fall and in all hues, garments, products, mixes, and for
of red:
Statement Coats - Felipe Oliviera Baptista, Paris. Red bags and shoes paired with red dresses, Red pumps, Red day & night looks...
“Red, red, red and more red! Look to combine all the red items in your closet to create a noticeably bold look. Brighten the hues of your makeup to match and follow those red pumps into the night.”
–Luigi Carruba, Trend Forecaster
Red in just about everything: Makeup (blush, lips, etc), Bags, Dresses... and in all different hues from maroon to red-orange.

Fall/Winter 2013
"Sweater Weather With a Twist"
Like every fall and winter, Sweaters are in, but this year, a bit of a twist has been added: skirts.
The hot Fall/Winter trend in 2013 is wearing a sweater, from chunky cable knit to thin cotton, with a skirt, anywhere from long and elegant skirts to short simple ones. You can dress it up or down, keep it neutral or colourful, and even mix and match different textures.
"Look for cable knit, ribbed and fine gauged classic sweaters. Wear them with a feminine skirt be it a slim pencil skirt or a flirty full skirt. Hot tip: Borrow your boyfriend's cable knit sweater and wear it with your most feminine skirt!"
- Luigi Carruba, Trend Forecaster.
"From New york Paris, this season, top designers capitalized on the leather look. Leather has been a fashion sytaple from season to season and it shows no signs of leaving any time soon. With everyone from Celine to Dior featuring the luxurious fabric in their Fall/winter 2013 collections, we have no doubt that the loving leather trend will be on the top of every fashion-lover's list this season" -
Winter 2013
"Pretty In Pink"
In the past pastels have been strictly for spring season and little girls, but this winter, they have appeared in all sorts of places.
This season, soft is loud in powdery pinks, light lilacs, and neutral nudes and on any item you choose: cardigans, necklaces, loafers, and dresses.
“Think pastels are only spring fashion essentials? Think again! Soft, quiet shades of pink are this season’s must-have tones for making a loud statement with princess-style dresses and chunky statement necklaces at your next holiday party.” - ellecanada.com
"Heavy Metal"
Necklaces, shoes, vests, blazers, skirts, purses, dresses, and earings. They all have one things in common: they're all a part of this years winter trend,
"Silver and gold get a stylish makeover this season as metallic, sequined fashion pieces become the stars of your holiday wardrobe." - ellecanada.com
Fall 2013
“Red Hot for Fall”

Trend: Rose Jewelry.
Biker Chic
Trend: The Military Trend.
Trend: Statement Necklaces.
Tough is in: punk accessories and leather-
of leather. Time and time again, year after year, leather has come back into the fashion world, though one could argue that it never left.
The trick is, however, how to wear it with more class and less Harley Davidson-
If there is one thing to buy this season, it is a leather jacket. Leather jackets are the staple for any outfit this fall no matter the age, size or stature.
Leather has been on every fall runway from Philip Lim to Versace.
Here in Canada, the daily dilemma we face is a battle between warmth and fashion- but not this fall. This fall the military trend has made its way back to our runways, and now the streets.
With this style, it is much more than possible to achieve a fashionable ensemble while being bundled and warm.
From hats, belts, boots, and jewelry, to coats, pants, and sweaters.
For the fall season this year, statement necklaces have been popping up all over.
Designers like Oscar de la Renta, Holt Renfrew, Tory Burch and Gilan.
These necklaces range from wild, colourful gems to simple, elegant metals.
(from the New York Fashion Week trends)
(From the Elle Magazine fashion trends)
(From the Elle Magazine fashion trends)
(From Elle Magazine fashion trends)
(From Elle Magazine fashion trends - In a slideshow)
Luxe Fabrics
Bring out your best princess attire because this season those satins, suedes, laces, silks, and velvets are being integrated into everyday style and for everybody- not just the royals.
“Use these pearl accessories, velvet dresses and regal prints as your ultimate guide to channeling Kate Middleton’s imperial style for the holiday season.” - ellecanada.com
(From Elle Magazine fashion trends - In a slideshow)
"The Royal Trend"
"Day to Night"
"Rags to Riches"
"Les Epaisseurs
“The royal style trend is all about expensive fabrics, beautifully sewn sequins, strong colours and textures. And don’t forget diamonds!”
Kate Middleton's style is something most any girl would love to aquire and it's simple, really, as long as you know what to look for. Different from previous royalty, Kate has a much simpler, yet still elegant way of going about fashion.
“Kate’s style is simple yet sophisticated, something we can all achieve.” - Erin Nadler
All that it takes to achieve simply elegant look such as Kate's, are a few dresses, simple pumps and some sophisticated jewelry. However, if you're going for a more casual tone, she's been seen countless tis in a nice pair of blue designer jeans, and a nice shirt. Her casual style is easy to add your own flare to.
(From Elle Magazine fashion trends - An article)
"1. Have a mistletoe-ready little black dress.
2. Add a skinny black pant to your wish list.
3. Get cozy with this holiday season’s hottest colour combo—black and white.
5. Deck your wardrobe with the hottest prints.
6. Be naughty and nice, think ladylike meets biker chic.
7. Update your basics with festive pieces.
8. Don’t forget the sparkly accents.
9. And you have to have a killer coat.
10. Finish off all those pieces with a nice ankle bootie."
(From Elle Magazine fashion trends - An article)
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