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Further look into Bullying

No description

jaylon jeffries

on 15 October 2018

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Transcript of Further look into Bullying

What is bullying
Bulling is when one person uses superior strength on another individual to get what they want
Physical bullying
Physical bullying is when a bully uses force to harass the victim
For example, when a bully beats up a kid for their lunch money
Verbal Bullying
Verbal bullying doesn't involve any physical contact between the victim and the bully
Instead the bully will attack its victim through the use of hurtful words
What drives bullies to target others
There are a few reasons why bullies do the things they do
Social issues
Family issues
Institutional Causes
Bullying isn't always intentional
At times someone may be making another individual feel uncomfortable and not realize it
For example, you may be messing around with friends and the things you say make one of them feel uncomfortable, that is viewed as getting bullied by some
What are the different forms of bullying
By: Jaylon Jeffries
Cherice Harris

Further look into Bullying
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