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LLI Info Universe

Welcome to London Language Institute Information Universe. Please feel free to either browse or follow the presentation automatically.

LLI Prezi

on 12 February 2016

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Transcript of LLI Info Universe

LLI Business, Specialty and
A.C.E. TESOL Programs

The Institute
London Language Institute
Courses and Services
offered at international LLI sites*
University Entrance Program

LLI was established in May 1998 and has more than 16 years of experience in the ESL and English programming industry. We are proud members of several organizations here in Canada.
LLI is located in the beautiful City of London, Ontario Canada close to both Toronto and Niagara Falls. London is Canada’s tenth largest city with a population of approximately 400,000 people.
In 2014 LLI is expanding our presence internationally into several countries around the world. This expansion includes official LLI schools and official CAEL testing centers.
LLI specializes in ESL programming preparing students for:
High School
Post Secondary Studies
LLI is proud to have more than 16 years experience working with students from all over the world
Full-Time ESL Courses
CAEL Assessment Preparation Courses
CAEL Assessment Official Testing Centre
Pathway: University/College Entrance Program
Pathway: High School Preparation
Specialty Programs: Flight Training Preparation, Business training
What is ESL?
“English as a Second Language”
London Language Institute is one of Canada's premier educational institutions.

The philosophy and curriculum at LLI were developed and based upon many years of experience in an International ESL market.

Mission: To offer a quality program and lifetime experience to all students.
LLI is proud to have established pathways with top ranked Universities in Canada and the United States. This will ensure the best learning opportunities for students.
LLI is a member of Languages Canada which is the leading organization in Canada that provides accreditation to programs nationally. www.languagescanada.ca

LLI is an official testing center for CAEL and has been working in conjunction with CAEL to open up international testing centres around the world.www.cael.ca
LLI has been offering iBT TOEFL testing and a preparation at our main campus in Canada since 2006. www.ets.org

LLI offers a recognized and approved Teacher Training program through ACE-Advanced Consultant Education. LLI is the only approved school with a recognized TESL Canada training program in London, Ontario Canada.www.tesl.ca
LLI has been approved by the Ministry of Education in Ontario Canada through the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities.www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/

LLI strides for excellence and will continue to be involved and members of leading organizations in Canada to ensure we have the most up to date resources for our staff and students.
LLI is expanding our school globally and is opening programs in several countries in 2013 and 2014. These schools will offer a full curriculum that include official CAEL labs and testing.
Students can begin their studies in their own country saving money
Students will be able to assess their English abilities and confirm their pathway options prior to arriving in North America
Direct connection to London Language Institute Canada
Students attending international schools will follow the same schedule offered at the main campus. Students may transfer to an from schools.
**All certification is monitored and controlled by LLI-Canada
Modern learning techniques are utilized to ensure students learn in the most effective and interesting atmosphere
The Full-Time Core ESL Program is based on a minimum of 23 hours of study per week, accompanied with extra curricular courses including Canadian History, Pod Cast Clubs and and Book Club activities.

The pathway curriculum has an additional 7-9 hours of study per week including academic writing, CAEL/TOEFL/IELTS preparation classes and math classes

After an assessment test is completed, the students are placed in an appropriate level corresponding with their abilities in Speaking, Listening, Reading, Grammar and Writing
LLI Pathway University Entrance Program
Canadian University Rankings 2012-
Huron #1 in Canada
LLI Pathway Process
This program opens up many opportunities for students and does not limit a student to one post secondary option. This program assures students are taking advantage of their individual situation and their futures are secure!
LLI has been working closely with several Universities and Colleges across Canada and the United States. LLI is continuing to expand opportunities for students to meet the diversified needs and requests of our students.
Conditional offers of acceptance are available for undergraduate partners in Canada and both undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States.
LLI offers a 9 level ESL program which includes two levels of Academic Preparation.

Incorporating and combining CAEL/TOEFL or IELTS training into the curriculum. As students progress through this program their proficiency in testing increases

As a result, when a student graduates from Academic Preparation 2 they will have a minimum CAEL/TOEFL or IELTS score which meets most university and college entrance requirements

LLI’s program is recognized by our partners so long as a student progress successfully through our Academic Preparation program.
ESL at London Language Institute
ESL Programming
LLI University Acceptance Sample
ESL Curriculum Structure
LLI is proud to offer a curriculum through Pearson Longman and Oxford. Our curriculum is designed around a Mastery teaching methodology. Our small classes (maximum 12 students) allow students to learn through speaking and direct interaction in the classroom.

However, pathway students are required to sign a student contract that outlines the keys to success. Preparing students for post secondary studies requires much more than just English. Our program at LLI teaches skills that are needed for success in using and applying English. Statistics have proven that students who maintain this level of effort are successful at attaining their English goals.
Monthly Progress
Report Example
LLI has an established pathway with Huron University College which is partnered with Western University. Huron is located in London, Ontario Canada. Huron has recently been recognized as a leading school in the Maclean’s yearly publication that ranks universities in different categories.

Huron University College offers more than 70 program combinations through its Faculty of Arts and Social Science and faculty of Theology. The partnership with Western University provides students with the best of both worlds-study in a small university community while enjoying all the benefits of one of the largest universities in Canada.

More than half of Huron graduates go on to graduate or professional schools across Canada and the world. Recent grads have gone on to Colombia Law School, London School of Economics, Cambridge, University of Toronto, University of British Colombia, McGill University and Harvard.
London language Institute is proud to have an established pathway with King’s University College at Western Ontario. Located in Lon don, Ontario Canada makes it very convenient for LLI students to transition into this great university.

A liberal arts education will provide you with the fundamental skills necessary to think clearly, acquire knowledge independently and express yourself fluently. King's provides a small, supportive, interactive environment (both academic and social) where you also gain further experience as both a leader and team player, developing your strengths while exploring new challenges. These skills will provide you with a satisfying rewarding career as well as the desire to lead a meaningful life in which making a difference is essential.
LLI has an established pathway with Brescia University College which is partnered with Western University. Brescia is located in London, Ontario Canada. Since its inception in 1919, Brescia University College has been committed to educating women.
Brescia has a fantastic student to faculty ratio of 14:1 and offers entrance scholarships for strong academic students (80% admission average).
Brescia’s supportive and collaborative learning shows students how to be leaders and gives them opportunities to put that learning into practice.
LLI Pathway
University Entrance Program
LLI Pathway Process
LLI Pathway Process
LLI Pathway Process-Summary
LLI will complete and assist students' applications to these Universities.
Conditional letters of acceptance are available for undergraduate programs prior to a students arrival in Canada. Conditions are based on the successful completion of the Academic Preparation program. Students must meet the “student contract” conditions in order to pass the Academic Preparation Program. Formal Proficiency testing in CAEL, TOEFL and IELTS is part of the pathway program. Conditional offers are for undergraduate level program.
Acceptance into the University is truly based on a students academic background.
Transcripts from high school and/or University/College are required so we can screen the students pre-requisite courses. LLI will review electronic copies of students high school transcripts. The transcripts must be translated officially into English. Once a pre screening has taken place LLI will inform the student on what university best suits their academic background. In the case that a student does not meet the minimum academic standards the student will be notified immediately.
If a student does not have the academic average to meet admission into a program they may enroll in our pathway program and take a General Arts and Science course at Fanshawe College for 8 months. If a student attains a 80% plus average they can then apply to university programs.
Processing Times: Once a student submits their academic transcripts for screening they will be notified within 72 business hours of their opportunities. Students will have to then send original or notarized copies of their transcripts to LLI-Canada where we will complete the application and forward to the university for review.

Approximately 3-5 weeks later the student will receive a decision from the university. Successful applicants will receive a conditional offer based on the completion of LLI’s Academic Program (this may also include special testing benchmarks)
London Languages has a pathway program with Trent University. Trent University has two campuses in Canada-one in Peterborough and the second in Oshawa. Trent is located close to Toronto and is a mid size university.
Trent specializes and is a top ranked university in computer and science programs.
Trent has smaller classes with over 70 undergraduate degree programs and specializations.
London Languages has a pathway program with Acadia University. Acadia is located in eastern Canada in the beautiful province of Nova Scotia.Acadia is nationally and internationally recognized as a centre of research excellence. Our faculty's dual commitment to instill a love of learning and to generate new knowledge provides our students with unique partnerships with faculty, both to do research and to communicate and connect that research to the community.
Founded in 1870, Canisius College is one of 28 Jesuit universities in the United States and the premier private university in Western New York.
Canisius is a comprehensive university producing 4-year bachelor’s degrees, as well as Master’s degrees. Master’s degrees have been awarded at Canisius for more than 80 years.
Canisius is consistently ranked in the top 20% of Master’s producing universities in the North region by U.S. News & World Report.
More than 35 graduate degree and certificate programs.
National accreditations in business (AACSB), education (NCATE), and counseling (CACREP) serve as a testimonial to the quality of a Canisius graduate education.
Submit transcripts and desired area of post secondary study for review
72 hours later LLI-Canada will reply with screening results
Students will forward their original or notarized transcripts to Canada for submission to university
LLI-Canada will complete the application process-please note application fees to university range from $50.00-$150.00 and students will be responsible for these charges
3-5 weeks later the decision and letters of acceptance will be sent to successful candidates
Conditional offers of acceptance are based on completion of LLI’s Academic Preparation Program (minimum standards must be met as per the student contract agreement)
What is the CAEL Assessment?
CAEL Assessment Preparation Program
London Language Institute
Official CAEL Test Centres
English Proficiency Testing
The Canadian Academic English Assessment (CAEL) is a standardized test of English in use for academic purposes, designed to describe the level of English language test takers planning to study in English-medium colleges and universities.

CAEL is recognized across Canada as a benchmark examination to illustrate English language proficiency. The CAEL test is growing rapidly and is now being accepted at some institutions in the United States.

It offers a unique alternative to other standardized tests of English because it is an integrated, task-based test on one topic
Test takers read articles, listen to a lecture, answer questions and write a short essay-all on one subject, as they would be expected to do in a first year university or college classroom
This exam is 2.5 hours in length and is very test "friendly"
LLI is proud to offer a preparation program for students hoping to pass the official CAEL test.

LLI offers two levels of study,
Pre-CAEL Assessment
CAEL Assessment Preparation (intermediate and advanced).
This program is based on a 100 hour curriculum and can be offered full time or part time.
London Language Institute in
cooperation with CAEL is pleased to be opening testing centres that provide both the official CAEL examination and preparation courses.
Canada & the United States
A Comparative Break Down Of Undergraduate Courses Admission Requirements
ESL Curriculum Structure
Student Contract


London Language Institute is proud to incorporate official proficiency testing into our mainstream curriculum and Academic Preparation Program.
These specialized classes are offered on a part time basis twice per week for three hours duration. These classes are 12 weeks in duration and varying levels from beginner to advanced area available.
is a standardized test designed to measure an individual's proficiency in English. Universities, Colleges, and other academic institutions in the United States and Canada require International students to provide proof of the English abilities by obtaining a minimum score. In addition, many employers around the world will require a minimum TOEFL score for employees working in a career requiring knowledge of the English language.
The TOEFL Success program at London Language Institute is designed to assist students meet their TOEFL needs. The program is divided among the four sections of the TOEFL: Listening Comprehension, Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, and Speaking. The TOEFL Success! program differs from many other programs, as it not only teaches test-taking strategies, but also the language required to succeed on the test and in future academic or career endeavours. This program is designed for the iBT TOEFL test.
Students will be required to complete an initial TOEFL assessment to record a baseline score. A complete TOEFL practice test will be administered half-way through the program, and at the end of the program.
The program is based on the new TOEFL format (iBT).
The complete program is 12-weeks in duration, however it is possible to join the course for shorter lengths of time for short-term upgrading. This program has continuous intake.
LLI currently offers two levels of TOEFL preparation courses. Level 2 is designed for high-intermediate students; Level 3 is designed for advanced students. All participants are required to complete and assessment test to determine the appropriate course. Level 2 classes are held on Monday and Wednesday evenings. Level 3 classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.
Many students combine their TOEFL studies with an intensive ESL program.
IELTS, the International English Language Testing System, is an internationally recognized language test designed to assess the language ability of candidates who need to study or work where English is the language of communication.
IELTS tests are administered at centres throughout the world - there are more than 500 centres, in over 135 countries. Over 1 million candidates take IELTS annually.
The IELTS course follows a similar teaching methodology to TOEFL. Many students prefer to take an IELTS program as it is a hands on test and does not include a computer. The LLI curriculum follows the official IELTS guidelines and includes all areas of preparation.
LLI currently offers an upper level of IELTS preparation. Students are required to be at an intermediate high level of English proficiency prior to entering this program. Class sizes are kept to a maximum of 10 students.
The Institute
LLI Certifications
London Language Institute

ESL at
London Language Institute

Vacation Programs
Summer and Winter

Summer Program
LLI Summer Program - Our Summer Program is being offered in June, July and August annually. This program combines 18 hours per week of ESL studies with a variety of trips and excursions in London and the surrounding areas. Trips include Niagara Falls, Toronto, water rafting, and Canada's Wonderland.
Program Includes:18 hours per week of ESL study.
Accommodations and meals provided by a Canadian homestay family.
Return airport transfer from the Lester B. Pearson airport in Toronto.
Unlimited local transporation - bus pass for local transit.
Weekly local activities in London.
One out of town excursion each week including:
Ontario Science Center
Niagara Falls Journey Behind the Falls Sightseeing
CN Tower / Rogers Center & Shopping at the Eaton Center

Winter Program
LLI Winter Program - Our Winter Program is being offered in January and February annually. This program combines 18 hours per week of ESL studies with a variety of trips and excursions in London and the surrounding areas. Trips include Niagara Falls, Toronto, and a ski trip to Blue Mountain.
Program Includes:
18 hours per week of ESL study.
Accommodations and meals provided by a Canadian homestay family.
Return airport transfer from the Lester B. Pearson airport in Toronto.
Unlimited local transporation - bus pass for local transit.
Weekly local activities in London.
One out of town excursion each week including:
Ontario Science Center
Niagara Falls Journey Behind the Falls Sightseeing
CN Tower / Rogers Center & Shopping at the Eaton Center
Toronto Ski Trip
The summer and winter programs at London Language Institute have been very popular with student from all around the world.
The focus of these short-term programs is to introduce many wonderful sights and activities Canad has to offer while working on English skills in the classroom.
LLI Summer and Winter Program
University Entrance Program

English Proficiency

Homestay / Residence

London Language Institute recognizes that a big part of a student's study in Canada focuses around living concerns. LLI screens potential homestay families continuously; ensuring that students can request a particular type of Canadian family that they will be comfortable with. Students can choose from a young family, elderly family, with or without children or pets. Students may live on their own, or with another student.
Privacy is assured for all students. LLI selects families that are interested in sharing experiences with the students. This provides an atmosphere where students are able to feel "at home". Students are able to choose from a full-meal program, or an option that allows students to prepare their own meals.
*outside Canada
London Language Institute
Special Programs
The TESOL Certificate Program offered at London Language Institute is an ESL teacher training course with 100 hours of classroom instruction and a 20-hour supervised practicum.
The course is offered in two different time frames (Please contact the main office for more information).
A.C.E. T.E.S.O.L.
Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages
Using the ACE Method, trainees explore teaching, learning and language through task-based, participatory and interactive experiences.

The content is based upon the most recent research in language acquisition and language education.

The following topics are covered in the course:
Teaching and learning theory
Current methodology
Lesson and Unit Planning
Teaching Language Systems (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, functions)
Language Skills (speaking, listening, writing, reading)
Testing and Evaluation
Preparing Students for Standardized Tests (TOEFL, TOEIC)
The ACE TESOL Certificate offered at London Language Institute meets the guidelines of TESL Canada.
The ACE TESOL Certificate Program at London Language Institute
is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005.
Business Program
is designed to prepare students for a University/College business course.
This program is interactive in nature allowing students to learn the underlying theories of business and apply these principals and knowledge in practical business scenarios.
The program introduces case methodology and an interactive learning environment.
The program focuses on the following:
Financial Statements
Financial Management
Business Scenarios
Managing People
Operations Management
Algoma University is located in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Canada and was established in 1965.

The university has more than 30 undergraduate degree programs for students to choose and focus on building a great interaction between the institution and students. It has over 1,300 and almost 10 percent of them are international students.

Algoma is recognized for offering an education with quality. For this, their classrooms have no more than 65 students, enabling a better one-to-one contact and professor more involved with the learning and success of their students.
The London Language Institute has campuses located in:
China (Hangzhou)
China (Yunnan)

LLI is a PROMETRIC authorized Test Center
Offering MCAT testing
London Language Institute is proud to offer speciality programs for students who require additional training in a number of areas. LLI's flexibility and variety of course options allow us to address the needs and desires of all our students.
These programs can be over a long period of time or be short period curricular designed specifically for a group or individual.
LLI Specialty Programs
Project Management
This course has been very successful and is designed to give students a sound practical knowledge of English while incorporating management skills through special courses and practical experience. Presentation skills and leadership training are a focus in this area. Many of our Ministry of transportation students have had wonderful success in this course.
Human Resources
This course allows students to work on improving their English to a high level while taking additional courses such as business fundamentals, computers and TOEFL or IELTS. This course has been very popular with students coming from government organizations.
This program has had excellent success and students have been able to take a number of skills back to their country and company of employment.
Special Focus
LLI is able to develop speciality courses for students who have specific needs and requests.
These courses are specifically catered for an individual or group.
This program has been very popular with larger companies and Ministries around the world.
Medical Program
LLI is proud to offer a medical terminology based program that combines ESL with medical expressions. Students will also have access to guest lecturers who discuss the medical field here in Canada. Students will also tour local hospitals and observe how case methodology teaching takes place. This program is either 3 or 4 weeks in duration.

For more than a century, Laurier has been known for academic excellence. But they’ve also been dedicated to the philosophy that their students’ success is measured through more than grades – it’s based on the quality of the lives they lead, and those they inspire.

In-class learning is only part of the educational equation. Putting knowledge to work in the world is a hallmark of the Laurier experience.
Integrated and engaged learning opportunities such as co-op work terms and community service are designed to help students relate what they learn in the classroom to what they experience outside of it, then coming full circle by bringing their real-world experiences back to the classroom. It’s about forming a foundation of service that our students continue long after graduation.

Their innovative programs in arts and social sciences, business and economics, music, science, social work and education cover a broad spectrum.
At their heart, though, they reflect a common purpose: Laurier’s determination to address global social, health and environmental problems and advance creative pursuits.
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