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Chapter 3: Comparing Development Patterns

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Merron T

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 3: Comparing Development Patterns

Chapter 3: Comparing Development Patterns
Big Idea Question
What criteria can be used to assess the aid given to developing nations?
Explain the following terms and give examples
Foreign Aid
: Is economic help provided to countries as a response to disaster or to achieve a larger goal
Bilateral Aid
: Is given by the government of one country directly to another.
Multilateral Aid
: Is given by the government of a country to an international organization, such as the World Bank.
Tied Aid
: Economic aid that has conditions on where and how it must be used.
NGO (Non-Governmental Organization)
: Is an aid agency that is independent of any government.
The World Bank
: Is an international banking organization with a mandate to reduce world poverty.
Advantages of large scale aid projects
-Could support long term economic growth. eg. If a country has petroleum deposits, construction of a pipeline would allow it to export oil. This might improve living standards, but no guarantee.

-Airport Construction is a type of World Bank project. It is an important part of economic growth for Mauritius. This opened the island to commercial tourism, increased trade, and raised the GDP per capita.
Advantages of appropriate technology
-Play Pump in South Africa uses the energy of children's playing to pump clean water from deep under the earth.

-Aims to improve people's ability to feed, clothe, and shelter, their families

-Does not require large investments , high-tech equipment, or fossil fuels.
The difference between large scale aid projects, and appropriate technology is large scale aid projects are big projects that are really expensive, use high tech-equipment or fossil fuels. Appropriate technology specifies on a small project that make people's lives better.
By: Merron, Jonathan, Babar, Lea, Aymen
Explain the difference between large scale aid projects and appropriate technology. Illustrate the advantages and disadvantages of each.
Disadvantages of large scale aid projects
picture example
picture example
picture example
disadvantages of appropriate technology
picture example
Construct an argument to the World Bank to convince them to direct more of it's loans to appropriate technology
Aymen and Babar
-Hydroelectric dams cost a lot of money sometimes the benefits don't filter down to rural areas.

-The African Nation of Nigeria exports oil but remains near the bottom of the UN Human Development Index
This is the Play Pump in South Africa
This hydroelectric dam in Kariba, Zimbabwe costs a lot of money.

These are just a couple of points of where the money of the World Bank should go. This will mean that more of the money they give, will go to people that need it, and to technology that can help out people that can't afford it. This money should go to technology for hospitals/medical reasons, schools,and farms.

A reason why the World Bank should be lending money more to appropriate technology than large scale aid projects is because appropriate technology does not require large investment, high-tech equipment, or fossil fuels like large scale aid projects needs.

The World Bank should lend more money for Appropriate technology because it can make people's lives better, and aims to improve people's ability to feed, clothe, and shelter their families.. For example solar power; in isolated rural areas, many people must use kerosene, candles, or batteries for light. Low -cost solar equipment is now becoming more available. Tibet is known as "The Roof of the World," and can have more than 30,000 hours of sunlight each year. There, solar power is used to run lights and stoves.

In the end I believe The World Bank should loan more of their money to appropriate technology because it doesn’t cost as much as ex. Oil spills, etc. It would also help out more unfortunate people for the less amount of trouble.

I believe that the World Bank should equally send out more money to appropriate technology, because the less developed countries need the money more than the developed countries.

-Farmers/rural development
-People struggling to afford
-medical care
Airport construction
Foreign aids
: CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), Action aid, United States Agency for International Development.
Bilateral aid

Millennium Challenge Corporation, Saudi Fund for Development.
Multilateral aid
: United Nations, IFAD(International Fund for Agricultural Development).
Tied aid
: Department for International Development, International Development Act.
: Oxfam, International Red Cross.
World Bank
: HSBC Holdings, Citigroup Inc, Wells Fargo & Company.
(foreign aid)
(bilateral aid)
(multilateral aid)
(tied aid)
(world bank)

In order to have for people to have quality of life they need: health, wealth, education, and basic freedom rights.
People need to have a healthy living by getting the exercise, foods and positive thinking they need! People also need to be living in a healthy environment, living in an over polluted place can affect your physical and mental health. Without clean air, water and food, people will hardly be able to survive on this planet.
People also need to have free education (may vary for some schools) so that they understand how to behave/interact with other people and how be able to live and be successful with that information the teachers give us. Having an education helps with wealth because without an education you will most likely not be able to get a successful job you need to take care for you and for your "future family".
Even though people need basic freedom rights, there are many people around the world who are not given an opportunity to have that right. There are many places in the world where human rights are being defiled by wars, terrorist bombings and much more. The military government is an everyday reminder that there are differences in the quality of life everywhere and anywhere you go.
-Appropriate technology mainly focuses on environmental and sustainability issues

-Some small scaled projects that were tested out have failed, and that is a bad thing because some countries may not have the resources to start the project over again.
The trailer shown is being used to carry a passenger and produce in Cambodia
Life expectancy is the expected period of time a person may expect to live. Life expectancy varies from where you live and how you take care for yourself. Having safe water and food extends the life expectancy and keeps you healthy. Modern medicine, medical technology and hospital care can help anybody ranging from an infant to a senior, so that they can live longer and healthier. The life expectancy for developing nations is usually 75 and is very low in infant mortality. Monaco also has the highest life expectancy with 89.68 but unfortunately in Chad the life expectancy is only 48.69
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