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Greek Mythology

No description

Gabriela Camacho

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Greek Mythology

How it all started...
Greek Mythology
By: Gabriela Camacho

"A Handbook Of Greek Mythology" by H.J. Rose
"The Book Of The Ancient Greeks" by Dorthy Mills


The most important Greek gods were called
called the "Olympians". They ruled things such as the seas, heavens, and the underworld. Each
of these gods had a home in Mount Olympus, where
the council met to discuss on important issue issues about the Earth. Except for Hades, who would stay in the underworld.

Now let's meet them! (:

It all began with the question of how the world was
created. They tried to find signs of the greater power
that dominated them. To know who had created everything and every one of them. Finally after so much questioning they came up with their own religion. They created the wonders of Greek Mythology!

Around the Bronze Age people started to tell myths in an
oral tradition which explains why there are so many
versions of a single story sometimes.
What is a myth?...
In the olden days mythology was our
ancestor's way of explaining things; its was
their science. The myths were stories that tried
to teach important lessons and ideas of how the
world works. They related to a religious or a social
concept. The relationship between gods and humans was demonstrated through these stories, although
the fantastic events seemed impossible.

Now here is a story called "Pandora's Box."
This story relates to the common expression
that "couriousity killed the cat."

The Greeks And People
In mythology, gods themselves were part of the world
not creators of it. Every phase of this life that was full of interest and adventure was represented by the personality of a god. The emotions that people expressed were each assigned to a god as well and made myths of how that god
or goddess was created.

Greeks deeply trusted their gods and prayed to them in times of illness, for protection, and help on their daily

In this way the mysteries of nature and
why humans did the things that they
do had an answer.
To Review...
The Greek myths were told in an oral
tradition around the Bronze Age
The Olympians were the most important
gods and goddesses
The Greeks used mythology to explain the
beginning of the Earth
The gods and goddesses were each part
of the world not creators of it
Myths were the science of our ancestors
that taught religious and social lessons
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