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Ford Motor Company by Teddy Tan, Jr.

No description

teddy tan

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Ford Motor Company by Teddy Tan, Jr.

Ford Motor Company
Brief History of
Ford Motor Company
Who is Henry Ford?
- an innovator
- a leader
- self confident
- risk taker
- vision for the future
HR Practices
Promote Top Performers

Move up from within

Commission Based

Employee encouragement
One Ford
"One Team, One Plan, One Goal"
Ford Motor Company
was founded in Michigan
Model T was introduced to the market
Assembly Line Production Starts
Ford Motor Company
Goes Public
Ford Motor Company
Acquires Other Brands
Facts about Ford
- second largest auto manufacturer in the U.S.

- fifth in the world

- controls four main brands (Ford, Lincoln,
Mercury, and Volvo)
Management Strategy
- dropped the family CEO
spot and gave it to an
automotive outsider

- women in the business

- sold Jaguar and other brands to
maintain their core products
Employee Benefits

Medical, Vision and Dental

Christmas Bonus Program


by Teddy Tan, Jr.
How Ford changed the world...
1. Living Wages
2.World on Wheels
3. Mass Production
4. Pony Car
5. Community
I will make a car for the multitude.
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