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Poli 1223 - Lecture One: Vision, Virtues, Values, Vices, Vanities and Ve

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Tony Litherland

on 29 January 2015

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Transcript of Poli 1223 - Lecture One: Vision, Virtues, Values, Vices, Vanities and Ve

Lecture One: Vision, Virtues, Values, Vices, Vanities and Vexations
Review the Three Cities: Pigs, Man & God
If people refuse to allow virtues to govern them, = chaos results
Vignette on Why Virtues are infinitely more important than values
The Trial and the Riot - 1992
Virtues, Values and Vices
Who defines a Virtue? society does
Modern Virtue
Judges 21: 25
Who defines a Value? the individual does
Freedom, to seek the Good
the case of Rodney King - on March 3rd, 1991 police stopped Rodney King and began beating him into submission. .......
The trial in Simi Valley was long and tedious
The problem is far worse and far more widespread.

Cadavers recovered in bogs across Europe reveal they were brutally murdered and buried. Violence was common in ancient times. Today in Chicago, Illinois, the drug capital and murder capital of the US. Everywhere you look, brutality is everywhere.

Today's lecture is my favorite Lecture
Virtues are a witnessing tool
How can we explain the South Central L.A. riots
A nation must be unified in order to maintain the proper level of social trust. If social trust disappears, society decays rapidly. A conscious effort must be maintained in order to developed a common core of virtues that draw individuals into shared community.
many tried but ......
one man succeeded
He won but he lost
values lost the war, ....... every time
Bystander George Holiday filmed the beating.

The media portrayed very few seconds of the beating ....... the public was mislead by the short version.
Four Police officers were booked for police brutality: Lawrence Powell, Timothy Wood, Theodore Briseno, and Stacey Koon.
The trial was moved to another jurisdiction to have a fair trial
A jury of 10 whites, 1 Latino, and 1 Asian
In the meantime, a Korean shop keeper shot and killed teenager, Miss Latasha Harlins. He was given a light sentence. Anger was brewing.
The riots cost 53 lives, 2,383 injuries, 7,000 fires, destroyed 3,100 businesses and a total of 1 billion dollars in damage
A roving crowd of looters at the corner of Florence and South Normandie attacked Mr
Reginald Denny.
Mr. Bobby Green, Jr. Mr. Titus Murphy, Ms. Terri Barnett and Lei Yuille were watching the riots on Television
Who was he?
Former VP Dan Qualye
What did he do to win?
Review and Analysis
Everyone Realizes that you cannot raise a boy very well .... without a father figure (authority) .... scars
Virtue of a man is superior to the value of any family will do.
Single parents struggle to be successful.
The best families have a Father and a mother
Everyone attacked VP Quayle but eventually, he was proven correct.
Bill Cosby, Bill Clinton, and others
Who defines a vice? society does
Greek Virtues
Greek Classical or Classical
Upper class

Middle class

Lower class




If all three are in harmony, then you can claim Justice
Christian or Cardinal Virtues




the greatest of these is Love
Other Virtues
Tacitus = wisdom, courage, modesty, austerity, justice, dignified, incorruptibility, prudence, tactful, honesty, energetic, and self-denial
St. Bede = Courage, generosity, discretion, humility, affability, and faith
Einhand = Temperance, generous, patience, loyal, articulate, and studious
American Colonialists = Reflection, reason, piety, tolerance, faith, and generosity.
Which virtues do we need today?
Mankind is plagued by the universal problem of BRUTE Force
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Malcolm X
Bobby Kennedy,
John, F. Kennedy
Governor Wallace
shot at Ford
a government must get things done, keep the peace, defend the nation, establish justice, and regulate.
There are three general responses to brute force:
Too little force
Too much force
Limited but effective force
riots, elderly widows, children, slaves
Hitler, Greek Orthodox soldiers massacre Muslims, US crushes Native Americans
USA, Canada, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, etc.
Lord of the Flies
2 year old natural born killers

Examples --
Which civilization has done the best job?
Kush, Islam, Hausa City States, Ghana, Ashanti
Shang, Zhou, Qin
Aztec, Incan, Mayan
Indus, Hindu, Aryans, Maurya, Mogol
Global-pluralists, secular-humanists
Western Civilization has outdone all other civilizations.

Greco-Roman, Judeo-Christian

Other Religions
Ra, Ishtar, Jotuns, Jizo, Janus, Saturn, Titans, Shang-Ti, Hera, Mother Nature, Zeus, Indra, Shasti, and countless other gods and goddesses

R1 - Respect for the Law (Monotheism) by the Hebrews
R2 - Reason by the Greeks
R3 - Representation in the form of a Republic by Romans
R4 - Responsibility to be moral and
R5 - the Right to Resist evil by the Christians

Participation, Reason, Compromise, tolerance
Liberty and Equality

Mr. Obama is too powerful or not powerful enough? Which one?
Mr. Michael Grimm (R- NY) threatened to kill a reporter
Senator Rand Paul - Government is not always stupid, but it is a debatable point. ( interpret -- So, we should return to chaos with a weak and ineffective government.)
Republican Commitment to obstruct everything, even if it destroys America
Mr. Obama then declares he will do it all by himself - sounds like a dictator
Virtues are critical to a good society, happy people and orderliness.
Western Civ has the best set of virtues and political principles
Without virtues, people act like P.I.G.s and A.P.E.s
The Critical Role of Political Culture sustained by Virtues
Order and stability
Universal Problem
The Threat of Political Violence
All men and all cultures face this threat
Islam: radical muslims
Chinese: radical ideology
Best practices
Virtues and Vices are created by society
Values are created by the individual
they serve to keep unity, social trust, a vision and keep the society moving upward.
values tear society into small units, spread fear and distrust and ruin the vision.
individual preferences
Values are bad for society unless they are informed, guided and controlled by the VIRTUES.
The brutal force of radical religion mixed with ideology.
What are we to do?
a. ATTACK with a declaration of war
b. Coalition attack
c. Keep picking and select targets carefully
d. do very little
e. do nothing at all
and they are violent
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