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No description

sammie estrella

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of Asylum.

In the mysterious novel, Asylum, written by Madeiline Roux, the nervous Daniel Crawford anxiously awaits for his taxi to deliver him to his destination at New Hampshire College [NHSC] in Camford, NH. Dan's nervous, but is unaware of his biggest threat; his dorm's past - the Brookline Sanitarium.
Dan finally arrives, but is welcomed by the unsettling discovery of a picture where a man's eyes had been angrily scratched out in his drawer. On top of that he meets his more-than-socially inept roommate, Felix Sheridan, who nonchalantly tells Dan about his exploration down in the basement with the other equally creepy pictures.
Once the uncomfortable meet & greet was done with, the two teens decide to attend the ice-cream social where Dan falls literally into the arms of the beautiful Abby Valdez and is introduced to Jordan, her broody buddy. Dan, attempting to make conversation, blurted about the asylum's basement and spiked the interest of his new-founded friends.
Because of Dan's big mouth, the trio went off into the floor of horrors. Dust and files littered the floor as they trumped through the old office space and viewed upon disturbing photographs of what used to be the asylum's patients.
With it becoming all-too-real, Dan, Abby and Jordan leave, but that doesn't mean they've escaped the asylum...

Prepare to be lost in...
"RE: Your inquiry regarding Patient 361"
Dan isn't sure how to dress for this date of his...is it even a real date? Or just dinner as friends?
Should it be casual but not too casual, or should it be formal, with a crisp blazer accompanied by a bow tie?
Once Dan has decided on his attire, he realizes his panic about time hadn't been necessary because what seemed like hours getting dressed had only been 20 minutes - here time passed quite strangely.
With a shrug Dan opened his laptop and checked his email for any recent activity. Nothing truly important was in his inbox, but something really odd was in his Sent folder...an unread message?
Confused yet curious, the teen clicked on the folder and was able to quickly glance at the subject line that read "RE: Your inquiry regarding Patient 361" - but then the computer conveniently crashed before Dan could read anymore. What was even more strange was that the email had mysteriously disappeared by the time the computer had reloaded.
This inflicted anxiety and made Dan's heart race so he just had to leave. Grabbed his keys and off he was, although the feeling of being watched didn't go away as he walked down the hallways; the only thing that erased the uneasiness was seeing Abby.
Relieved, Dan awkwardly complimented Abby on how gorgeous she looked and soon they were attending their date.
All was well until Dan got a text from Felix also saying "RE: Patient 361- question about Thursday's session" but it vanished a second later, just like the email had. Later on ,while they were on their way back, Abby remembered that she usually met up with Jordan after dinner to study so they rushed to find Jordan - somewhat drunk - waiting for Abby. They decided to discuss what happened inside Abby's room, and what Dan saw was alittle unnerving. Hung above her door was an exact drawing of a photograph they found back in the basement; the photo captured a girl who looked about 10 and had a jagged scar scar across her forehead, suggesting a lobotomy was performed on her. From the hollowed eyes to the plaid dress it was full of details only somebody who has thought about it continuously would capture, and in this case that's not healthy thing.
Dan, who is now even more worried that something off is happening, admits to Jordan about the creepy text and email. He told Abby about his worries previously at their date, but of course she hadn't taken him seriously then. The trio decides to go to the basement - not for the last time - to figure out if they really are in a "Scooby-Doo mystery".
Caught Red Handed.
Right as Dan was reaching for the Heimline index card, a hand landed on his shoulder. Dan - absolutely frightened - turns around, only to see Joe, the hall monitor. As he gets chewed out by Joe, Dan swipes the card and sticks it in his pocket.
Soon they're all out of the basement and right before Joe explains their punishment, Abby bursts into the rawest sob she can muster and acts the trio's way out of trouble - for now. Joe warns them not to go down there again, and awkwardly dismisses everybody back to their rooms.
Just like the first night Dan visited the basement, he was wired and full of curiousity so he scanned through his treasures. First he saw that the Scluptor's Recovered box had been checked Y - which Dan felt was atrocious - and his patient number was 361; Dan had no clue why everything paranormal that occured to him was related to the Sculptor.
Next Dan started to read the leather folder - which is actually the warden's handbook - and realized the warden confidently believed that he could cure the insane, especially with segments similar to:
"Legality, morality, sympathy aside, I will pull madness out by its black root, and I will leave a legacy no man, however sanctimonious, can fault."
No matter how intriguing this may be, the college program continues and Dan's forced to step away from these mysteries for another day, until that afternoon he speaks with the now ripped and excersize-focused Felix, when Dan finds an unsigned note - a note that will start a whole new level of freaky.
The note says,
"How do you kill a Hydra?" on the front, and on the back it states, "You strike at its heart."
Really worried now that this has gone too far, Dan visits the ghost enthusiast Sal Weathers seeking for answers, but as soon as Dan introduces hisself with his full name, Sal and his sick wife start screaming at him to leave their property and never to return, especially if he was going to play around with sick jokes.
Scared, Dan runs back to his dorm to tell his friends about his crazy day, but Abby beats him to story-telling.
Abby believes the girl she's been obessively drawn to and sketching is her aunt, Lucy Abigail Valdez. When they were in the basement, Abby took Lucy's card and has been paranoid about the fact that she could be related to this poor girl since; however, she's not the only paranoid one there, for Jordan has been having the same nightmare over and over about the doctors using "electro-shock therapy" to "solve" Jordan's homosexuality.
Even though Dan doesn't believe much more horror can occur after all of this, Dan's yet again greeted by another note written in the same spidery calligraphic the first one was..

As soon as Dan has trudged his last step into his dorm room, something is definitely wrong. His room has been replaced by a setting that would suite a horror movie - "it looked like a cell of some sort, with floors and walls made of heavy gray stone." An operating table was smack dab, in the middle covered with a thin, white sheet, with an unnerving pair of shackles bolted to the wall - rusty, or covered with fresh, wet blood stains?
Terrified, he scrambles to shut the door and afterwards checks for his door number 3808; it IS his room.
Was the experience real, or is he exhausted to the max?
These kind of thoughts run though Dan's mind as he grabs the door knob, trembling, and pulls it open once more.
His temporary bedroom greets him with Felix sleeping and his desk, which is great because Dan cannot possibly sleep now. Research is commenced, and Dan learns about Sal Weathers, a local ghost enthusiast, and that Dennis Heimline (also known as "The Sculptor"), a murderer who propped his victim's bodies in poses, was treated at the asylum. After the asylum was shut down, no trace of him has been discovered.
A day passes without informing Jordan and Abby about what he had found online, but that night Dan expierences a nightmare where he's a patient chained in the cell, then on an operating table, waiting to be sliced open. He wakes up, but it doesn't exactly put an end to his high-strung fear the nightmare caused twice that night, so the next morning he barely mutteres two words.
Fortunately for Dan, his classes transfer his focus onto educational topics and the next 4 days are swell as the trio becomes inseperable, causing one of their teachers Professor Douglas to nickname them "the Hydra" while scolding Dan, Jordan, and Abby for being late to his class.
However, Dan's high spirit slightly dips while he watches Abbby talk to a friend from her highschool, one of those charming Southeners who just gets along with everybody, so Dan - fueled by jealousy and desperation - asks Abby out on a date, which she happily accepts.
Cliffhanger >:D
Created By: Madeleine Roux.
Hallucinations and Nightmares and Murderers, Oh My!
This time down it takes Jordan a little longer to pick the lock, but of course Abby, Dan, and Jordan are able to get past and enter the underground level of Brookline. As quickly as they can the bunch wanders through the dusty darkness, hoping to find something they didn't notice previously - something that will hopefully help them comprehend even a speck more about the predicament the teens has been dragged into. And Dan does, somewhat. He finds a pair of bloodied glasses and streaks of a once-bloody hand on the wall, and then the entrance to a secret passage just behind a filing cabinet.
With Abby at his side, they pull the cabinet just far enough where Dan, Abby, and Jordan can squeeze through. Jordan, being scared out of his wits just standing in the basement, refuses to go down the passage, so it's the lovers once again.
Even if Dan's heart is full of content being with Abby, that heart-warming feeling is slowly demolished as the smell of mold and the cold increases with each step, and his overall hope officially dies as his eyes recognize the room in front of him - the room from his vision, complete from the shackles to the bars on the one window.
Feeling sick, Dan follows Abby down the corridor and into some more offices - one utterly messy and unorganized while the other's slick and tidy. Dan and Abby go through the intact files of the neater workspace, where they find pictures of the man whose eyes had been crossed out in Dan's first picture, along with some journals and folders, like the leather one Dan slipped into his jacket.
Jordan, who was snooping around on the higher level, called the couple up and showed them his discovery - the records of the asylum's patients. This was the jackpot, and the trio thoroughly looked them over and recognized a pattern. "Every single one of them had a Y checked for Homicidal. Every single one of them had an N in the Recovered box."
Dan realized the greatness of this opportunity and went off to find the Sculptor's card before it was too late.
Secret Passageway.
Dan, who is now TIRED of this, stomps off to the basement, wanting to end all of this uncertainty. After dodging Joe, Dan makes his way down into the basement, going farther into the secret passage than when he did with Abby and ends up finding an old music box that still worked and had inscribed, "To Lucy: On your birthday with love."; the song added an eerily feeling in the dark though so he quickly scurries off, wondering if Abby was telling the truth. Soon he comes upon another set of stairs.
Attempting to accept the freezing chill, Dan wanders cautiously down the newly discovered stairs and finds himself "looking down into an operating amphitheater."
Prepared for a treatment that never came laid surgical instruments and an operating table - the one he initially visioned of being strapped to. Overwhelmed by the thought of killers being treated down here - especially Lucy -, Dan passed out and had another nightmare with him being the insane warden as he imagined saving all of his patients of insanity.
Abby, however, had been looking for Dan to apologize to for her agitated attitude and in desperation, came down to the amphitheater and luckily woke Dan up from his terrible vision. As the couple walked with each other back upstairs they were greeted by swarming police, a flooded hallway of students, and the hysterical crying of a girl. Concerned, the two found Yi and he told Dan and Abby the whole story - Joe the hall monitor was murdered; his body was found propped up like a sculpture by Felix. The police were also interviewing all the students so they had to create a story fast - one that didn't involve them snooping down in the abandoned amphitheater. Dan and Abby weren't caught lying so they went their seperate ways.
Dan got back to his room, and waited 'til Felix returned from being interrogated before he read some more of the warden's journal. It contained details about the art of sacrifice, but what really shocked Dan was the warden's signature. "Two words: 'Daniel Crawford.'"
After the long night, the police found Joe's murderer in a "bar downtown with Joe's wallet and garrote" the next day, and classes are continued. Dan's parents call, imensely worried, but once they're informed of the murderer being off the streets, Paul and Sandy are fine once again yet they completely flip when Dan asks if he's related to the warden.
It soon slips his mind as he finds out that his picture of the warden is gone; there is no trace of its whereabouts. Right after that Dan finds another note from the mysterious pen pal - weird things are occuring so much now it almost doesn't even faze him, and a little while later he goes to check up on Jordan, who has pretty much turned into a hermit crab. Dan enters Jordan's and Yi's room, suprised to see photos with him being crossed out of and mountains of yellow paper everywhere.
That night Dan has another vision of him as the warden, this time discussing the Sculptor on his characteristics and how he's killed each victim while also stating the warden's progress on the Sculptor's progress.
"...the victims posed to dance looked remarkably convincing, as did those set around the rest of the bar, standing and sitting."
Dan wakes from his nap because his phone going off - Abby wanted to meet up, and on his way over he discovers Yi's body.
Before Dan can scream he rushes to check to see of Yi's alive; Dan finds a faint heartbeat! Feeling a tad bit victorious he calls 911 and stays with Yi until the police come and pick him up, but not without realizing the Yi's ankles have been neatly crossed together.
The night carries on, and in the need of each other Abby and Dan join with Jordan without any arguments and/or issues as Abby informs them about
Before Dan can scream he checks the unconscience Yi for a pulse; he finds the faintest of heartbeats!
Almost giddy with relief, Dan calls 911 and stays with Yi for the police to arrive, but not before he notices that Yi's ankles are neatly crossed over, as if somebody placed them in a certain position.
Help soon arrives and in the need of each other, Dan and Abby make amends with Jordan as they all head over to Jordan's room to talk - what was strange was that Jordan's room wasn't littered with yellow notebook paper; in fact it was really organized, barely showing signs of the room Dan walked upon only 24 hours before.
Abby sits everybody down and tells the two that she believes her aunt Lucy had survived the asylum and is even living locally.
Reminded of the mental institution Dan expresses what he's found about the Sculptor, and that inspires the trio to go inform the police that maybe the killer is either him or a copycat; however the cops shoot the idea down immediatley, claiming that the Scluptor had indeed "died in '72, the same year the place got shut down."
The campus was full of leaving students the next day, but the trio and Felix decided to stay and continue the summer program; classes had been cancelled and after a long day of doing nothing, Dan planned to go sleep.
Once again Dan was wired, so he headed off to the vending machines for a snack.
In Dan's midnight snack trip he's confronted by Jordan, claiming to have received a text from Dan saying to come "meet him at the vending machines at three o'clock to discuss something urgent."
Heart sinking, he swears that he didn't send that message to Jordan; it was just a few minutes ago he even decided to go get a snack, yet his phone had the message in his Sent folder, as if he had.
Jordan's pissed and Dan would love for Jordan to trust him, but it isn't the time to argue so Dan heads back to his room, but there's no sign of Felix.
Instead Dan receives a text, indicating that the Sculptor has Felix in his clutches. Dan, who can't stand the fact of another one of his classmates killed, goes up to the 5th floor and hears the terrified Felix and actually sees the man who could be responsible for all of this.
Fueled by adreneline Dan tackles the man with the crowbar, but soon he's on top of Dan, trying to strangle him.
The police bust open the door right when Dan thought he was going to die and rushes to his side, but the man had jumped out of the window and escaped, leaving no evidence behind.
Anything that would lead to capturing the murderer points at Dan so the police have an officer watch over Dan the night and his classes the next day.
In his last class something unnerving occurs; "the last few sentences weren't in his normal script, but he recognized the looping penmanship immediatley. The warden's." Dan was freaking out about the warden being inside his body until he gets the pleasant suprise of his parents coming to New Hampshire to defend his innocence. The interrogation begins and some news is released to Dan - the suspect of Joe's murder hasn't exactly confessed yet.
Besides the details of Dan's last name being Crawford and how he's been somewhat involved in 2 of the 3 cases, the police let him go. Dan uses his freedom to his advantage as he talks with Jordan and Abby, who has decided to tell her dad about her aunt Lucy. Later after that, Dan decides to review what he wrote as the warden; it read:
"No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness."
With that as his evidence Dan concludes that he's been writing the notes hisself and just been forgetting about them wiith his mild dissociative disorder, aka stating that he's been the warden's channeler.
Determined for answers and unable to sleep, Dan once again ventures off into the dark.
Dan seeks for answers at the local church - the same one that had helped Abby find her aunt.
Although no information is written down about the Crawfords, the pastor does inform him that the warden died in prison before having kids, meaning Dan's the great offspring of one of the warden's two younger brothers. Right before Dan left, he was able to catch the pastor's name of Ted Bittle, as in a relative to a Bittle that went to the asylum.
Dan walked through the dense forest, for it was absolutely pouring outside when he stumbled across the posed body of Sal Weathers.
Running away as quickly as possible, ideas swam through his mind, wondering if the cops would suspect him and if was the work of the Sculptor.
He's able to think about something else though when Jordan takes him to see Abby, where she was a wreck - her dad didn't take the news well and told her she was sick.
During the attempt of making her feel better, a tiny square of paper appeared under his door.
A note that read:
"It's time for treatment. Come to the basement at midnight."
As if they're never seen a horror movie in their life, Dan, Abby, and Jordan head down to the basement for one last time. Jordan's not going down the secret passage once again, so it's Dan and Abby who make their way behind the cabinet and farther into what used to be an asylum.
Just like the text Dan received, the teen realized that for 2 more hours it would still be Thursday night.
Almost appearing darker than before, the couple continued into the long hallway of empty cells and Dan spots another difference - the music box is missing.
Before he could ponder about who was down here, a metallic screeching noise interrupted his thought process and Abby, with Dan at her heels, ran back to stop what was trying to trap them down in the passage way, but they were too late.
With the only escape blocked and no cell reception, Abby and Dan try to stay positive. Their waiting doesn't last long; a sound's heard behind Dan, and right after he catches the unconscience Abby, he feels a blow on the back of his head.
Daniel Crawford...The Warden?!
More Notes, Visions,...and Victims?
Yi & Abby's Aunt Lucy.
All I Wanted was a Snack...
The Warden's Nephew.
Full transcript