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Motivational letter and CV: Guide to survival

No description

Yuliya Petriv

on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Motivational letter and CV: Guide to survival

Motivational Letter: A Short Guide to Survival
Where to start
Motivational letter: a simple start
Step 1. What program are you applying to?
Motivational letter: structure
If you have done the previous step, you might have some idea what to write about.
- what are the major goals of program
- what are the requirements
- where will the program be held
- what type of program is it
- find successful candidates from previous years
- read everything you can about organization you are applying to for a grant
- pay attention to eligibility requirements - they actually tell quite well all they want to hear from you!
A simple composition in English is a 5 paragraph essay, including Introduction, Main part consisting of 3 paragraphs and Conclusion.

However, this is just a sample, and you are not obliged to follow it all times.
Motivational letter: structure
What is important about structure?
Answer the questions they will ask.
Please describe your idea of a Global Citizen. What are the qualities that make a good Global Citizen? Who is an example of a good Global Citizen? What is one of his/her traits that you admire? Please provide an example of when you have demonstrated a quality of a Global Citizen. How have you used your skills as a Global Citizen to benefit your community?
Your task - to answer them.
Style of your motivational letter
If you are writing a motivational letter, you should take into consideration who you are writing to.

Let's face it: no motivational letter to become an animator or go on some leisure project needs entire description of your published articles of sustainable development.
What are some important rules?
Tip 1. It doesn't matter who you are addressing it, it should be grammatically correct.

Tip 2. Stick to some structure. It is easier to read structured essays.

Tip 3. Be original. Don't use to many cliches and common phrases. Unless its Ivy League:)
How to start?
1. Wait till deadline
2. Cry
Sit down and write!
Simple things to include in introductory sentence.
- describe who you are and why you are so special or what you do for living

- start with a quote related to the topic, but don't be too banal

- go on answering questions asked
What to include in main part?
- Why you?
- Why this program?
- Why this country?

Make a few separate paragraphs to simplify understanding to those who will read it
What to include in conclusion?
- sum up your points
- thank them

or say something interesting that suits bests for general theme!
Is there the other way?
Yes, there is.

It is called cheating and results in being disqualified.
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