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04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment Human Trafficking in Thailand Case Study

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Stephanie Vazquez

on 12 August 2013

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Transcript of 04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment Human Trafficking in Thailand Case Study

04.06 Foreign Policy: Assessment
Human Trafficking in Thailand Case Study

How did the human rights issue come about? Who does it affect and how? How does it affect human rights?

It affects human rights because it is silencing their right to freedom of speech, and they are being forced, pressured, or deceived into modern slavery. It has affected so many people because there is no control and prevention. These people are treated disrespectfully, women being used, men being used for labor, and even children being made to sell flowers or beg for money so they can live. This is affecting their human rights by not allowing freedom of expression .

How is the United States government responding to the issue? How are other governments both inside and outside the situation responding to the problem?
The United States government is responding to the issue by the "U.S. government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking is the annually published Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP)"
.This is a great way of helping because "It is the world’s most comprehensive resource on governmental anti-human trafficking efforts and reflects the U.S. Government’s commitment to global leadership on this key human rights and law enforcement issue.
Governments inside and out are responding by making efforts to help like The Thai prime minister he has chaired meetings with labor and civic organizations to coordinate anti-trafficking efforts. It led to the development of the Thai government’s second six-year National Policy Strategy on human trafficking for 2011-2016.Most UN member nations have signed the The United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime, including Thailand. The goals that the U.S. try to achieve when they are in a foreign policy is Spreading Democracy, World Peace, National Security and humanitary help.
The responses that relate to the foreign policy spectrum is interventionism. The reason that I say that is because the nations have came together to stop an illegal action and they have created multiple programs to take down Human Trafficking.

Are the efforts and policies enacted by governments and international organizations successful? What would you recommend be done to better address the human rights issue?

The efforts and polices enacted by the governments and international organizations are somewhat successful the rate of human trafficking may have gone down but there would always be some they cannot find. I would recommend Human Trafficking Awareness at least
a DAY or a WEEK
out of
and can make a website that share and run ads and maybe campaigns to raise awareness.
Work Cited:
Facts :
In recent years, “human trafficking” has been used as umbrella terms for activities involved when one person obtains or holds another person in forced service. Trafficking victims in Thailand were found employed in fishing, seafood processing, low-end clothing production, and domestic work like housekeeping. Evidence suggests that the trafficking of men, women, and children in commercial fishing industries and domestic work represent the most significant portion of all labor trafficking in Thailand. The issue is affecting many people. It is affecting the the neighboring areas to Thailand.
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