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5 Seconds of Summer

No description

Jordan Zinn

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of 5 Seconds of Summer

Calum Hood
Luke Hemmings
Who? What?
What's What
Subject Pronoun
Object Pronoun
Personal Pronoun
Possessive Pronoun
Indefinite Pronoun
Reflexive Pronoun
Intensive Pronoun
Interrogative Pronoun
Demonstrative Pronoun
5 Seconds of Summer, or 5SOS, is an Austrailian band with members, Michael Clifford (top left), Calum Hood (top right), Luke Hemmings (bottom left), and Aston Irwin (bottom right). In this band Michael plays lead guitar and back up vocals, Calum is lead bass and back up vocals, Luke is lead singer and back up guitar, and Ashton is the drummer and back up vocals. The four guys had gotten
"big break" by touring with One Direction at their
Take Me Home Tour
in 2013. The band came together December 3rd 2011. At that time
would've thought they'd be where they are today. They had started videos on YouTube, where there were discovered.As
can guess they became very popular after the tour and started doing larger tours.
year they're doing their own tour the Noth American Tour is called "Stars Stripes and Maple Syrup".
else will happen for them this year?
5 Seconds of Summer
is lead vocals and back up guitarist. He is also the youngest of the four,at 17. He however is the tallest of the group. Luke
had had the YouTube channel- hemmo1996- which he first used for covers and it developed into band's YouTube along with their Vevo- 5SOSVevo.
hasn't allowed
to get caught up in the fame as most young stars would. Luke has a lip piercing,

is the only facial piercing of them all. He has two brothers in
Calum Hood is the lead bassist of the band and back up vocals. He has three tattoos (I believe) a bird, feather and MMXII tattoo.
is Kiwi, not Asian. Calum also dropped out of high school for his music career so he could go on tour.
writes the most songs
out of 5SOS. His has one sister- Mali. His favorite food is pizza. Once someone asked Calum if he liked happy meals and he replied by saying "Yes, with extra happy."
Michael Clifford
Ashton Irwin
Heartache on the Big Screen- 5SOS
Michael is the guitarist in the creator of the band.
suggested that they make the band, little did he know what to come.
would have known anyways? He, as you can tell by the pictures, dyes
hair quite a bit.
also has a tattoo on his bicep which says 'To the moon'. He, unlike the other boys, has no siblings. He also once tweeted saying "I don't like calling you guys fans because you're like the family I never had". Michael says he doesn't like his middle name and doesn't want people to know it. He is also 18.
Ashton is the drummer in the band as well as the oldest, 19.
has no tattoos or piercings unlike the others.
two siblings are Lauren and Henry, who are both younger than him.
used to be in a band called "Swallow the Goldfish" before 5SOS. Other than playing the drums Ashton
can play the saxophone, piano and guitar. Although being the oldest I feel like he acts the youngest of them all. Although them being his best friends now he at first didn't like them.
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