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Blackbaud - Raiser's Edge

No description

Margaret French

on 9 January 2012

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Transcript of Blackbaud - Raiser's Edge

GOALS Save the Turtles Foundation 1. Retreat Center for Homeless Turtles Where do we stand with funding for this capital campaign? How are spending most of your time? How are you reporting your successes? What are your current Fundraising Sources? 2. ...And Beyond! (5+ Year Plan) Where do you want to be in 5 years? Annual and recurring donations? Online Presnece? Simplified and Powerful Reporting Articulate Your Success! Show exactly how you're using the Foundation's Funds ...using over 100 Summary and Detail Reports Standardize Reports Design and save multiple variations of any "standard" report and
Easily export data to presentation software View up-to-the-minute results! Diversifying Fundrasing
Methods NetSolutions Send personalized emails with links to
Online Giving
Volunteer Registrations
Membership Oportunities
Searchable Directories
Search Manage prospective, planned, and major givers
Solicit Implement a recurring giving program Track ALL results! Proven Results Your capital campaign will depend
on these results being accurate Comprehensive
Relationship Management
and Communication Gain a Holistic View of
Donors and Prospects Eliminate Missed Opportunities Keep track of all interactions and appointments in your fully integrated Microsoft Outlook calendar. Save Time Communicate Program Results Build Better Relationships
Blackbaud: Who are we? Reliability and Experience partnering with nonprofits, just like you! Save the Turtles Foundation Do you want to be
confident that you're
meeting these goals? ...and perhaps do more with less? Automated and streamlined processes We're also very proud to offer:
Let's take a look...
Create... mailing labels, personalized envelopes, emails and phone-a-thon campaigns in a moment's notice ...with executives, staff, and board members using the Dashboard
Organize and store donor information:
1. Interests
2. Activities
3. Communication Preferences then... ...especially helpful for your Quarterly News Letters! Hosting Services
Convenient Training Services
Reliable Customer Support With this solution, Blackbaud would
partner with you to meet and EXCEED
your goals by... 1) Streamlining your day-to-day activities
so you can do more with less 2) Building confidence in your reporting and data
so you can communicate with your constituents
and board members more effectively 3) Helping you to diversify your
fundraising methods so you can
tap into vital new sources of funding!!
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