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Vemma Illinois Midwest Regional

No description

Laura K

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Vemma Illinois Midwest Regional

Vemma Illinois Midwest Regional
Do not find prospects, find friends.
Do not focus on the #s.
Circle of Confidence
Be a leader in your head even if you are not actually there yet.

If you are a leader in your head before, you will become a better leader when the time comes for you to step up and take control.


How direct can you be?
Be a genuine person while inviting.

Do an indirect invite.
Leave it open-ended.
Do not make them feel targeted.
make them have control, put the pressure on yourself; use leverage (an upline leader) if you are new.
People get scared of #s.
Q: What is it?
A: Don't fall for the trap. Don't babble about what it is at all yet.
Find the WHY in them
Find out what they want to do with their lives.
This is a tool that will help you connect with them on a more personal level, so they can better understand what Vemma can actually do for them.
It is a transferable emotion. Don't sound like a robot.
Cold Marketing
Figure out a way that works for you to talk to new people about this.
Build friendships & it will build your business.
I don't understand it.
Did you learn everything the first day at your job?

Follow people who have what you want and duplicate what they did (manager/boss)

Upline leaders are here to help you 24/7. Get to making $500/month before you run the show.
You have to get in early to make money.

20/50 income earners are 25 years old or younger and weren't in the business 2yrs ago.
I don't have the money.
Spend $5/day on video games, partying, eating Chipotle, etc.

If you don't have the money now, you will never have the money.

If $500 is a big deal in your life, that's an emergency.
This is not a money issue, this is a motivation issue.
I don't like sales.
We sell things to our friends for free all day, every day.

We refer people to a product, educate, and inspire.
It's a pyramid scheme.
Every company/organization is shaped like a pyramid.

We make money off sales of products, not membership or sign up fees.

You can make money selling the products to customers just as much as you can make money selling products to brand partners.
I don't have the time.

You can start Vemma part time with 30mins to an hour a day, and work your way up to full time.
"What do you have to lose?"
If they don't have what they want in life, then they probably don't have much to lose.

If they say they have everything to lose, they just don't have the motivation.
Home events
Create the environment
Have your own COLD product
BYOV (Bring Your Own Verve)
Start time (30min range)
Have music.
Speakers (4 sections)
Introduction (tell your why)
The Revolution Begins is a good intro video.


Break into smaller groups & explain comp plan


Have new people talk to a leader.

Small events & one on ones.
Be personal with them.
Be a professional FRIEND MAKER & a professional STORY TELLER.

Make the events fun!!
Belief Level
WHY Power
It will keep you motivated 24/7.

You WILL struggle in this business.
Make sure that your WHY is powerful enough to keep you going through those struggles.
Law of Association
Look at the 5 people you surround yourself with.
Make sure to surround yourself with the right people.
Study the Business & the Products
Take notes at EVERY event.
You will learn something new at every one you go to.

The more you study the business, the more you will realize that company will ALWAYS be around, & this will instill more confidence in you.
Step out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

Create value in yourself.

Study successful people!
Bob Proctor
Jim Rohn
Simon Sinek
Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Business & Network Marketing
Tim Sales
Eric Worre
Robert Kiyosaki
Darren Hardy
Create Culture of Excellence

Spend time with the team & build relationships.


Get the newest Brand Partner paid & promoted.
The 1st paycheck/enrollment/shout out/customer is HUGE
Initial Struggles
It takes time.

When you know what you want, it doesn't matter what other people think.

No use of leverage.
Not staying plugged in.
Not getting trained as soon as possible.
Spamming friends.
Maintaining Momentum
Communication & Connection
Do not try to do everything yourself
Know everyone's why.

Guard the mindset/mentality toward success.

Plug in the newest BP
Create a team culture
Match the growth with the training.
Power building
Mirror what your leaders do!!!
Leadership & Mindset
Leaders are not born, they are developed.
Organize home events.
Take responsibility.
Take time to train & support their team.
Leadership traits
lead by example
pace setters
inspire & educate not manage & boss.
encourage & motivate
problem solver
Always improve
Mentor & coach
Main focus is on the team
Make decisions
Winner's mindset
Communication & Organization
Forms of Communitcation
Key & glue to business.
Relationship business.
Building the FAMILY aspect.
Make call to top leaders.
Engage in social media & team pages
Recognition is HUGE
Rank ups, PEQs, frenzies
Call & congratulate
Personally take them out
Build character
Communicating after events.
Write out & organize your next RA period
Events planned out in advanced.
Get & fill out your calendar.
Take the focus off yourself & put it on your team.
Daily, weekly, & monthly goals planned.
Leaders travel
3 main upline leaders to keep in contact with.
What to do after a home event
Mentor/guide your PEQ to duplicate the system.
List of things for new PEQ.
Make website
Get connected with Facebook groups
Get in contact with upline leaders.
Make Google+, Skype, and/or Oovoo.
Watch comp plan video.
Vemma back office.
Step by Step
1. Figure out your why.
2. Make a list of people.
3. Make a list of goals.
4. Teach team how to properly invite.
5. Create a game plan for them to break even residually.
6. Set up first home event.
Starting a team in a new area.
"Strong Start"
Strong foundation.
Strong knowledge.
Strong minded.
Strong leadership.
Leverage upline leaders.
Create culture within your team.
Meet up a lot & stay connected.
Training is more important than enrolling.
Formulate Your Story
What you were doing before Vemma.
How you heard about it.
Your initial thoughts. (BE HONEST!!)
Your experiences.
How you have grown.
Share your vision of where you are going.
Be genuine & be yourself.
Be excited & be motivated.
If you do not yet have a story, leverage someone else's until you have your own story.
Be emotional.
There has to be something to keep you motivated at all times.
Make sacrifices.
"You control your own economy." ~Jim Rohn.
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