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About Me


mikayla figures

on 4 March 2010

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Transcript of About Me

I have 5 brothers and 3 sisters...i only live with one of my brothers though..his name is kendrick...and my sisters name is precious, tina, and shakira About Me: I am 17 years old...my birthday is september 10th...everyone knows i love to laugh and have fun.I dont live my life to please anyone but myself. I love to go shopping and going to the movies.....most of all i love hanging with my besties......everyone knows im crazy...there is never a dull moment with me Goal: My goal is to go to culinary art
school....and then once i finish
school i want to open my own
restaurant Talents: Talent: Talents/Hobbies: I love to dance, and
i love to do it when
no ones at home.
Not everyone knows
that i can sing...because
im kind of shy but im
working on it Food: Sports: My favorite sport is volleyball
i used to play it from 6th
grade to 9th grade. Music/Shows: Keep It In The Family: Friends: Family: My friends are...nique,
tanaya aubrie, and
mary.....they always
keep me laughing..!!! Likes: ~Boys
~Have a good time
~do what ever i want
~partying Dislikes: ~people tell me what to do
~Say no
~to up tight
~dont have a sense of humor Beauty Pageants: Sweet -N- Innocent: Attitude/Diva: Senior Year: Class of 2010
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