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caselyn banate

on 13 March 2014

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Role of Computers in Education
* A life without computers would seem almost unimaginable for many.

* The importance of computers is evident today and having the perfect know-how of computers can only propel one’s career in the right direction.

* Today, computers are a part of almost every industry. They are no more limited to the software industry. They are widely used in networking, information access, data storage and the processing of information.
* So why not introduce computers early in education? Introducing computers early in education lays the foundation of most of the major competitive careers. Computers play a significant role in one’s personal and professional life.
Role of Computers in Education
* Computers teaching plays a key role in the modern system of education. Students finds it easier to refer to the internet than searching for information in fat reference books. The process of learning has gone beyond learning from prescribed textbooks. Today, aspirers can satiate their thirst for knowledge by means of the internet. It is easier to store information on computers than maintaining hand-written notes.
Role of computers in Education
* Computers facilitate an efficient storage and effective presentation of information.
* Presentation software like PowerPoint and animation software like flash and others can be of great help for the teachers while delivering information.
* Computers can turn out being a brilliant aid in teaching
* Computers facilitate an audio-visual representation of information, thus making the process of learning interactive and interesting
* Computer-aided teaching adds a fun element to education.
Role of Computers in Education
Moreover, computers facilitate an electronic format for storage of information, thereby saving paper. Homework and test assignments submitted as soft copies save paper.
Electronically erasable memory devices can be used repeatedly. They offer a robust storage of data and reliable data retrieval. The computer technology thus eases the process of learning.
Role of Computers in Education
* The computer technology has a deep impact on education. Computer education forms a part of the school and college curricula, as it is important for every individual today, to have the basic knowledge of computers. The advantages of computers in education include an efficient storage and rendition of information, quick information processing and very importantly the saving of paper.
Advantages of Computers in Education
* Computers are the best way of teaching subjects to students

*The students will be able to gain knowledge of various subjects
and things which are other than their school syllabus. Such form of receiving education is considered to be more effective than only learning from textbooks prescribed by the authorities

Advantages of Computers in Education
* Use of computers in the classroom can help teachers to teach much more than they can do without them.
* Students who were not able to enroll for degree courses which they are interested in due to lack of money or because the institute is far away from their residence, the introduction of distance learning has solved all these problems.
Disadvantages of Computers in Education
* Doing all calculations with the help of software and calculator can affect our own mathematical ability. In simple words, computers can make us a bit lazy and this can cause problems while giving examinations which are not conducted online, but need us to do all calculations by ourselves.

* With ready-made information available on the Internet, students will not take any interest in reading reference books and searching for information using other sources. Reading less can hamper their progress and educational future.
Disadvantages of Computers in Education
* One of the bad aspects of computer use is that even the children who cannot read and write yet, are already used to this machine. They develop at a very early age the habit of playing on the computers for hours on end.
* Computers do not improve our health and that they can seriously damage our system when they are not properly used.

What to do today?
* Is computer helpful or not? Explain
* What are the advantages of computer to you as a student in education?
* Are there disadvantages to you as a student?
8 Will you encourage or discourage the use of computers in education? Explain
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