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Starbucks PESTEL

No description

Hiroki Kudo

on 4 December 2013

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Transcript of Starbucks PESTEL


The level of education of population

Changing family patterns & Consumer references

More potential customers
Brewing innovation

Mobile App

Social media

Starbucks Digital Network

Introduction of policies and regulations by the health department/authority about the consumption and production of caffeine

Introduction of the new trade laws/regulations

Licensing regulations in the industry



Green Building

Climate Change
The most famous coffee house in the world
20,891 stores in 62 countries
The country's attitude towards international produces, government bureaucracy, political instability and monetary regulations policies

Continuous change in laws and oversight concerning business and financial matters caused Starbucks to reconsider setting up in India

Traditional risky government in China
Over one millions’ customers all over the world are using Starbucks services every day
Macro External Forces
PESTEL analysis is an effective tool to evaluate the key external forces that influence an organisation.
2,841 stores in Europe, Middle East, Africa

2,404 stores in Asia- Pacific

13,279 stores
in U.S.
Starbucks worldwide location
In 2008, Starbucks unveil the Clover® Brewing System
Economic recession

Fluctuating exchange rate

Declining buying behavior of consumers
Verismo™ System
Starbucks Electric Frother
Square Wallet
The Clover® Brewing System

Starbucks Electric Frother

Verismo™ System
External drivers, which affect Starbucks, are mostly the technology, political,legal and economical. Though the company is growing in growing in popularity in the BRICS countries.
Still long way to go for STARBUCKS
First store in 1971
Global Presence since 1990

Thank you
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(1985-2000) Revolution of information & telecommunication:

Drashti Dhanani
Attoumo G Amichia
Awase Roland
Wenfei Lu
Runzhou Xu
Hiroki Kudo
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