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The Knight: Canterbury Tales

No description

Barry Shumpert

on 21 March 2016

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Transcript of The Knight: Canterbury Tales

The Knight: Canterbury Tales
Social Class
In The Canterbury Tales, the Knight is a representative of those who belong to the very high social class of the nobility.
The Knight is known for fighting in many battles and served his king nobly. By Chaucer’s time, the spirit for conducting these wars was dying out, and they were no longer undertaken as frequently. The Knight has battled the Muslims in Egypt, Spain, and Turkey, and the Russian Orthodox in Lithuania and Russia. He has also fought in formal duels.
The Knight is most known for its ascetic clothing which stands to his credit and highlights his integrity and honor. The Knight wore a tunic made of coarse cloth, and his coat of mail is rust-stained, because he has recently returned from an expedition.
Chaucer's thought on the Knight
Chaucer describes an ideal Knight, a man who conscientiously follows all the social, moral, chivalric, and religious codes of conduct. Chaucer does not have any particular individual in mind but casts the Knight as an idealistic representative of his profession.
Physical Description
The Knight is dressed in a tunic made from coarse material; he wears a suit of armor (mail) that is stained by rust. He rides a good horse and cares for the horse better than he cares for himself.
The Knight was known for being meek, gentle, mannerable man. He is the very essence of chivalry, honor, and courage. He is a man who loves truth, freedom, and honor. Everyone in the pilgrimage looks up to and respects him.

Video about Knights in the Canterbury Tales.
A KNIGHT there was, and what a gentleman,
Who, from the moment that he first began
45 To ride about the world, loved chivalry,
Truth, honor, freedom and all courtesy.
Full worthy was he in his sovereign's war,
And therein had he ridden, no man more,
As well in Christendom as heathenesse,
50 And honored everywhere for worthiness.
At Alexandria, in the winning battle he was there;
Often put in the place of honor, a chair.
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