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Copy of ford motore

No description

tala om

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Copy of ford motore


1) The need to minimize cash burn and bring costs down as quickly as possible in order to stay afloat in this difficult economy.
2) The bailout of General Motors and Chrysler has placed Ford in a strategically Difficult position. While Ford is currently in a much better financial position than GM or Chrysler, government funding of these competitors generates significant risk. A highly managed bankruptcy—such as the one being proposed for GM—may lead
to a significant GM cost advantage, thereby mitigating all of the progress Ford has made in recent years. In addition, any bankruptcy or liquidation could seriously disrupt Ford’s supply chain.
3) Ford must execute the ‘One Ford’ vision and continue to differentiate itself from its competitors even as the economic crisis unfolds. The failure of ‘One Ford’ or the Ford Fiesta model would be disastrous for the company. In recent years, Ford has redeveloped a coherent corporate strategy. Ford has avoided the need for
government funding because of its timely financing and strategic proactiveness.
case study ford motor company External Audit
SWOT Strategies Four types of strategy:
Strengths- Opportunity (SO)
Weakness –Opportunity (WO)
Strengths-Threats (ST)
Weakness-Threats (WT)
1.Globally and strong placed trade name .
2.The subsidiary, Ford Motor Credit Company, offers auto financing to both dealers and customers globally .
3.An American icon for over a century (with a long history) - Icon vehicles such as the Mustang - Good R&D department
4.Very big worker foundation with greatly educated motor engineers
5.One of the largest automotive producer
6.The company operates about 108 plants globally and produces such models as Ford (Lincoln, Mazda, Mercury, and Volvo) .
7.Ford’s Motor craft division offers parts for vehicles through the company’s Web site (www.ford.com).
8.Ford Motor Company is number three in market share in the United States.
9.Perceived as being an affordable brand name catering to a variety of consumer needs and want.
10.Producing some different ford car models in different countries as like ford Mondeo in Europe.
1.Continued decline in market share.
2.Product recall.
3.Declining operating efficiency and weak returns.

SPACE Matrix Case Abstract
Ford (ford.com) is a comprehensive strategic management case that includes the company’s calendar (2008-2010) financial statements, some competitor information. Vision Statement
To become the world's
leading Consumer Company for
automotive products and services Mission Statement
We are a global family with a proud heritage passionately
committed to providing personal mobility for people around the world.
We anticipate consumer need and deliver outstanding
products and services that improve people's lives. *The goals :
•Achieve profitability.
•Align capacity to demand.
•Increased Automotive gross cash.
•reduced debt and improved liquidity.
•Boosted production of smaller-sized vehicles in North America.
•Improved costs to competitive levels.
•Enhanced revenues through class-leading fuel economy.
•safety performance and quality.
•Expand use of the Product Sustainability Index (PSI) and Design for Sustainability principles in product development.
•Increase the use of recycled, renewable and lightweight materials.
•Reduce CO emissions.
•Reduce CO emissions.
•Meet or exceed all regulatory requirements for safety.
•Reverse the trend of losing money on small-car production in the U.S.
Set new goals under “Blueprint for Mobility”.
1.Opportunities in India and china.
2.Launch of new models hybrid vehicles.
3.Increasing demand for dual fuel vehicles.
1.Sluggish light vehicle Production in developed market.
2.European Union vehicle regulations.
3.Economic slowdown in the US and Euro zone.
position map: Internal Audit Internal Factor Evaluation : Grand Strategy Matrix The Internal-External (IE) Matrix BCG Matrix Intisar Nasser Alotaibi
Tala AlSuhaibani
Aminah Abdulaziz Aljadaan
Norah Mohammad ALHilal Rana Marai ALAmri

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