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COMM486G Final Reflections

No description


on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of COMM486G Final Reflections

satisfy wants
forecasts Accounting
management and

Financial Managerial GAAP
setting prices 1. segmentation --> focus
2. targeting
3. positioning (4Ps mkting mix) "the unique function of business" 4. Value proposition Consumers Human Resources
culture, management
employee satisfaction Finance Ethics vs. Profits
journey > goal/$ Logistics
info sharing
Direct Business Model:
manufacturing --> retail
mass customization (Zara) Sustainability
Individual Vs Corporation Social Enterprise
power of market place
o solve critical social
nd environmental probs Entrepreneurship
do what you love $ follows Strategy
Where are we going
How will we get there ex. West Jet=
Service Performance Evaluation:
Balanced Scorecard PR, Brand positioning,
Social media,
Consumer behaviour
research Employees provide customer service:
front line, positive communication Care about employees:
low turnovers Initial investment ($, ads)
------> Returns ($, Sales) forecasts
supply chain supply chain
inventory turnover Grameen Bank EnergyAware
Smartmeter Case Study critical thinking, evidence-based, logical systematic approach 1. Identify issues
2. Analyze data
3. Recommend
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