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Beyond "Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience": Using ePortfolios to Showcase Study Abroad Student Learning

Presented at 2015 NAFSA Region VII Conference - Savannah, GA

Abbie Naglosky

on 21 October 2016

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Transcript of Beyond "Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience": Using ePortfolios to Showcase Study Abroad Student Learning

Ethical Practices
Don't think about it as one big project - break it down into manageable parts.

Think content and structure before design.

Auburn Abroad Implementation
How to Create an ePortfolio
Where do I get started?
Using Free Website Platforms
28 Oct 2015
Abbie Naglosky and Korbin Dimmick
What are ePortfolios?
Korbin Dimmick

Abbie Naglosky
Beyond "Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience"
So . . . how easy is it?
Recommended sites: Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, and Google
Range of customizable features
Variation of template styles
Assortment of storage capacities
Sources: Wix.com, Wordpress.com, AU Office of University ePortfolio Project
New cohort each year
Academic departments, tracks, programs
Co-curricular units (like Auburn Abroad)
Student organizations
Not mandatory

4 (free) platforms supported

Support provided by The ePortfolio Project (housed in the Office of University Writing, Miller Writing Center, Career Center, and Media and Digital Resource Lab
Cohort grants
Curriculum development
Technology support
Chosen as AU's SACS Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

Learning outcomes:
Effective communication
Critical thinking through reflection
Technical competence
Visual literacy

Allows academic units to expand capstone projects and students to showcase skills upon graduation
. . . show you possess visual literacy, effective communication skills, technical competency, and critical thinking skills.

. . . demonstrate learning/accomplishments in courses, co-curricular and extracurricular involvement, and work experiences.

. . . can be assessment-based or career-focused.
Inward-facing vs. outward-facing
ePortfolios . . .
For advisors:

Time (especially if your institution not already using ePortfolios in any way)

Buy-in from students
Analyze the social media presence of the two individuals presented.

How do you perceive each of them?

How are each of them branding themselves, whether intentionally or unintentionally?
Talk to your neighbor about what types of experiences you may want to feature as artifacts on an ePortfolio. Ideas include education, work, volunteer, international, etc.
Korbin Dimmick
Abbie Naglosky
Consider these reflective questions:

How did your international experience shape you or affect you as a person? What did the experience teach you, or why does the experience make you a better candidate for a job or for graduate school admission?

What makes you unique? What can you share that will provide your audience with a "human element" to your artifacts, experience, and accomplishments? (Remember to keep it professional!)
What types of artifacts can be used?
Go over your résumé, and think about your classes, jobs, campus and community involvement, etc.

Plan how you will highlight your international experience (individual section on your site, included with education or other subjects, etc.)
Copyright issues

Fair use of images

Permission of image subjects
ePortfolio Examples
. . . are personal websites unique to the individuals who create them.
. . . allow you to visually represent accomplishments and activities listed on your résumé.

. . . give you an edge when applying to jobs and/or graduate schools.
Résumé entry:

Create flyers for office events using combination of Adobe Photoshop, Instagram, Canva, and other photo-editing applications.
, Season 10, Episode 11
Which candidate would you prefer?
Using ePortfolios to Showcase Study Abroad Student Learning
Auburn University's ePortfolio Project
. . . are very different from social media!
. . . are developed with a particular audience in mind.
David Elmer
Elizabeth D'Amico
More about these in a moment!
Source: Auburn University Office of University Writing
Sources: AU Office of University Writing, AU QEP Development Committee
Writing support
Space and equipment
Getting Started
Sources: AU Office of University Writing, AU QEP Development Committee
In the beginning . . .
Cohort 1 Expectations:

Develop implementation plan for unit
Provide assessment data
Attend events and workshops to share ideas
Source: AU Office of University Writing
Strategy based on office size / structure:

Pre-departure materials
Re-entry programming for alumni
Requirement of intern / peer advisor position
Office ePortfolio: Auburn Abroad Examples
What do I know about building a website??

Handout at Pre-Departure Orientation outlining potential skills gained from a study abroad experience and artifact examples

Added as resource in students' online applications
Development of Materials
Re-Entry Programming:

Integrate into existing "Marketing Your Study Abroad Experience" workshop

Add link(s) and information to alumni section of website (in process)
Intern / peer advisor requirement:

Introduction of ePortfolios and semester assignments

Creation of personal site and addition of individual page to Auburn Abroad Examples site
Moving forward . . .
Evaluation and Assessment:

Evaluate ePortfolios of interns using new ePortfolio Project rubric and provide assessment data.
Additional Possibilities for Implementation?

Faculty-led programs and faculty-supervised internships
Semester vs. summer assignments
Benefits . . .
. . . and Challenges:
They're effective!

Students connect learning across disciplines and experiences.
Helps them "unpack" their international experience

Can be used at marketing for your office - website for office to showcase student experiences abroad?
For students:


Artifact creation and reflective writing
What to use
Too little or too much?

Ross Geller
Regina Phalange
Sources: AU Office of University Writing ePortfolio Project
Pretend you are reviewing potential candidates for an open position in your office. One individual named
Barney Stinson
has included this artifact on his ePortfolio. As you watch, jot down any thoughts or impressions you may have of him based on this video.
How I Met Your Mother
, Season 4, Episode 14
Source: AU Office of University Writing ePortfolio Project
Pros and Cons of
AU-Supported Platforms
Wix.com's "Explore" Feature
Now what? Steps to Getting Started:
Decide who and how.
Peer advisors?
Re-entry course?
Pre-departure course?
Focus on full ePortfolio creation or artifact assignments?

Create assignment schedule.

Gather supporting documentation (tech, writing prompts, artifact examples, etc.).

Create your own ePortfolio.
Shows students you value the assignment and serves as a teaching tool for you.
Source: AU Office of University Writing ePortfolio Project
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