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Zaxby's Office Safety Rules

No description

Travious Couch

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Zaxby's Office Safety Rules

2. Were safety policies included in your initial training? Is there an incentive program in your company for accident-free work? If yes, what is the incentive?
Safety Policy and Procedures
Incentive Program
Safety Committee
7. Where is the fire alarm located for your area
The fire alarm is located: near the entrance , behind the counter and outside of restrooms.
6. What are the procedures in case of fire?
3. Is there a safety committee at your training station? If yes explain how it functions and its responsibilities
5. Is there an evacuation route posted in your office? If yes, explain how you would evacuate your area?
By this diagram. But , you will need to go to the nearest door.
Procedures For Disaster
File Cabinet Safety - Our file cabinet safety is where we keep all our records secure in a single room.
Electrical Outlets_ All employees and customer will have to check with the manager to see if the outlet secure
1. Does your training station have written safety policies/procedures? If yes, where is it located?

Yes , it is located in our employee handbook.
Procedures of Fire
We will stay inside the building and will stay in places without windows, such as a basement, restroom, or hallway. We order all employees and customers to remain calm.
If we have a earthquake people who are dining should drop the floor and get under the table. Everybody else should find a stable place to and stay indoors until shaking stop.
9. How does your company handle the following?
Personal Electrical appliances - All appliances should be put away at all time behind the counter and in the cooking area. Its allowed for limited time everywhere else.
Eye protection - We will have safety goggles for employees in the cooking area.
10.What are the ergonomic considerations for the following?
What is OSHA?
Zaxby's Office Safety Rules
Yes it was included in the initial training. Accident-free work incentive , the employee will get a bonus that month.
4. Where is the fire extinguisher located in your office?
No we do not have a safety committee.
It is located near the entrance of Zaxby's.
Fire Extinguisher
Evacuation Plan
Everyone will remain content and get to the nearest exit.
Fire Alarm
8. What are the procedures for the following; tornado, earthquake, and bomb threat?
Bomb Threat
We will evacuate the building as soon as possible. We will have meeting and session to know what to do in the situation.
Electrical Cord - All electrical cord will be away and secure from being physically harm.
Wet Floors - Wet floors will always have a wet floor sign.
Cluttered isles - We will open up new registers to keep this from happening.
Food in the office area - no food will not be allowed in the office area , must be in the dining area
Nose protection - Employees will have to protect their noses as a human being.
Work Station Furniture - Always sit appropriately and adjust when needed.
Office Equipment - All office equipment should be taking with care knowing that it can be harmful.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It is responsible for establishing and enforcing safety and health standards in the workplace.
12: List any potential safety hazards observed at your training station.
Fire Hazard
Electrical Hazard
Chemical Hazards
Accident falls and falling objects
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