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3/24/2012 History


Alex Moreno

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of 3/24/2012 History

3/24/2010 Tready of Gent (Due 1814) Battle of new Orleans (Dec 1815) Hartford Convention ERA OF GOOD FEELINGS (1816-19) New Generation of Leader Henry Clay (KY)
Daniel Webster (MA)
John C. Calhoun (S.C)
John C. Adams (M.A)
Andrew Jackson (TN) "Great Compromoise" He's from Kentucky, their used to drinking homestill drinking. Election of 1816 - James Monroe American System - (Clay) 1. Protective Tariff (1st in 1816)
2. 2nd B.U.S. (1816)
3. Internal Improvements Market Economy Factory System We are out of the war. Warhero No two seccussive presidents from the same state
4 year term limit on the presidency. Come on the president's desk on the day of the Ghent Treaty Wig Party Republician Party Federalist Party No one wanted to be part of the Federalist Party Henry Clay
Was damn young Daniel Webster Argues more cases more then anyone else While John Marshall is in the Supreme Court Contracts couldn't be changed, even by state. If it's in the public interest, the Federal Government can Tromp that. Like bridges over rivers. John C. Calhoun (S.C) Was somebody. Rise the import taxes more then 20% Internal Improvements Roads Railroads Bridges Rivers James Monroe says No more money for improvements from the Federal Governement. He believed states should pay. ddff
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