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sumiyyah barka

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Ghost town By Sumiyyah and Barka Quality of life Paranormal Voluntary euthanasia KEYWORDS TO KEEP IN MIND : Sanctity of life Quality of life Resurrection Akhira Matters of life and death This film is about a selfish ,cynical,lonely dentist named Dr Pincus. This changes when he has a near death experiance .Dr pincus doesnt believe in life after death ,but when he goes for an operation and dies for seven minutes he begins to see people who are dead (Ghosts) .One of the ghosts Dr Pincus talks to is called Frank . Continued... Frank is determind to destroy the marriage of his wife with the help of Dr Pincus .Dr Pincus soon finds a liking to her and is wanting Franks help to impress her (she does belive in ghosts)Dr Pincus experiences another near death experience when he is hit by a bus and is nearlly killed .Dr Pincus begins to believe in life after death at the end of the film.His near death experiences change him and makes him a more pleasant kind person. What have we learnt? We have learnt that people may belive in life after death because they have expercience a near death experience even if they are cynical.

We also learnt that death can come unexpectidly(BE PREPARED!!! Million Dollar baby Matters of life and death This film was about a woman in her 30's who would like to be a boxer but the trainer, at first, refuses to train her. He believes that she is too old She wins many matches and becomes very successful. In her final match with a ruthless component, she is injured in an illegal move and she is left paralysed.
She feels that her life is now useless as she is wasting away so she tries to commit suicide by biting her tongue and choking on her blood. She asks her trainer to help her die, however he refuses as he is a devout Christian. Finally after seeing her suffering he helps her die. We learn that, in extreme cases euthanasia might be needed and beneficial.
There may be no point to life if there is no quality of life.
Some people might want to die on their own terms
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