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No description

Brianne Yamada

on 13 December 2010

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Transcript of kalani

kalani tales... by
Stephanie Kaji
Karelyn Yogi
Shannon Rose
Brianne Yamada
Nahomi Abe What shall we do ?! Mom?! Can we both go?! I FORBID you to go to this party. Not only is it late but it's very dangerous !! suddenly... a mass text message goes out!!
hooo NAAH (: WHAT the #@%& Well idk about you...
but i'm going! ? ? ? WHOA! what was that sound? Lets take a look LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS

MAKE GOOD CHOICES! thanks for watching (: uhhh ohh :P steph ikimashoo :O O.O BAM! WHOA!?! @.@ What shall we do? uhh OHH
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