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The Struggles and Victories of Moses

Better than Brayden's Prezi

Jamien Chee

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of The Struggles and Victories of Moses

His struggles started when he was just a baby, sent out into the river to be spared from the fate in which all Egyptian baby boys at the time had faced
Pharoah's daughter finds this baby in the river and names him Moses which means "drawn out of water"
The Struggles and Victories of Moses
After being "adopted" by Pharaoh's daughter, Moses grows up with an Egyptian education
When Moses was a grown up, he killed an Egyptian slave driver for beating an Israelite
Moses fled from Egypt to the land of Midian, not too long after the incident occurred
But indeed, Moses could not escape God and his Ultimate plan and purpose
God speaks to Moses through a burning bush, telling him that he will liberate his people from the Egyptians.
As you can see right here, the bush was so holy, that Moses had to take his sandals off in reverence to God
Upon returning to Egypt, Moses made many attempts to convince Pharoah into letting his people go.
Pharaoh's Heart hardened and he eventually let the them go.
By the power of God through Moses, they were able to leave Egypt by splitting the Red Sea, but Pharaoh, upon realizing his mistake, brings his army to cease the Israelites.
Moses sends the waters of the Red Sea crashing down on the Egyptian Army
Complaining of the Israelites
The Israelites complained of the bitterness of the water of Morah
The Result
Moses threw a log into the water to make it sweet
The Israelites complained about their hunger
The Result
God provided Mana during the morning, and quail during the evening.
The Israelites were thirsty once more, but there was no water.
The Result
Moses strikes a rock with his staff and water comes out
The battle against Amalek
Joshua wins the battle against Amalek because When Moses would raise his arms, Joshua would prevail, but when he put his arms down, Amalek would prevail
The Result of the Israelites Complaints
After many complaints to the Lord, only the generation after the disobedient Israelites were permitted to enter the Promised Land
The Greatest Struggle of Moses
The greatest struggle of Moses would have been when he was forbidden from entering the Promised Land
Facts about Moses
He has a son named Gershom
Gershom's name means "stranger"
He was hidden from Pharaoh for many years
Moses disobeyed God at one point
Moses means "drawn out of water"
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