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Nikki Morrell resuME

No description

Nikki Morrell

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of Nikki Morrell resuME

Nikki Morrell
Educator Background
Adjunct College Professor 2009-current
Courses in Rhetoric and Composition, Reading and Writing, and Cultural Studies
High School Instructor 2005-current
Courses in British and American Literature
Lead Advisor
Writer for edSocialMedia
Middle School Teacher 2000-2004
6th grade and 7th grade Language Arts
New Teacher Mentor
Vertical Alignment Committee Member in Orange County
Dance and Cheer Director 2000-2011
Theater Instructor and Director 2005-2008
Summer College Program Director and Instructor 2005-2008
Professional Experience and Awards
2012: Recipient of the Dr. Pouneh Alcott Award in Educational Excellence
2012: FCIS presentation: #Reaching the Tweeps: Hashing Out the Rules of Social Media in Education
2011: Featured in Lake Mary Life Magazine for Hamlet Twitter Project
2011: National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Scholar
2008: Universal Dance Association’s Coach of the Week and UDA’s Staff’s Coach of the Week
2006: Universal Dance Association’s Coach of the Week
2003-2004: Three Time Recipient of the Piedmont Lakes Teacher of the Month

All About Me
Nikki Morrell is a freelance writer, poet, and black belt. She holds a B.A. in English from King College and a Masters of Humanities from Tiffin University. Morrell teaches at both a small private college preparatory school in Lake Mary, FL, and at Tiffin University. She has been teaching English literature and writing for the past eleven years, as well as dance and cheerleading.

Her childhood was spent in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains (Northeast Tennessee) telling ghost stories around a campfire, writing stories to entertain her friends, and reading everything she could get her hands on.

Rhetoric and Composition
Creative Writing:
Novel Writing
Short Story Writing
Comparative Mythology
and Culture

British Literature
American Literature
Teaching Interests
Morrell is a writer for the education website edsocialmedia.com.
Her articles include advice for teachers on using apps, sites, and social media as part of their instruction.
Food Ninja
Home Ninja
Morrell writes two personal blogs. Food Ninja and Home Ninja. Her food blog features easy to cook recipes, while her Home Ninja blog illustrates create do-it-yourself activities.
Time to Light the Fire
Morrell writes an education blog which discusses new technology, apps, sites, and media use in the classroom.
Breast Cancer Awareness Club Sponsor
Take Action
“When you cease to make a contribution, you begin to die.”
-Eleanor Roosevelt
Friends with Adjectives
Morrell's friends describe her as:
La Dolce Vita
Dante and Italy
As an NEH Summer Scholar, Morrell was
selected as one of sixteen teachers in the US
to live in Italy for the summer and study
the work of Dante Alighieri.

She lived in an apartment in Siena in Tuscany,
but also spent time in Florence, San Gimigniano,
Orvieto, Ravenna, and Rome.

This inspired a passion and love for "La Divina Commedia," as well as for all things Italian.
"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire." --Yeats
"Don't be a chicken nugget." --Morrell
To thine own self be true" --Polonius
Favorite Student Projects
Juniors in English III Honors class wrote a novel which they published on iTunes. A sci-fi
adventure story, each student (and a few teachers and
administrators) wrote a chapter of the narrative.
Seniors in English IV complete a kamishibai project where they retell the epic poem Beowulf for 5th grade students in the lower school
Students in English IV create a student handbook for Dante's "Inferno," which they share via edmodo with other students.
Students rewrite "Hamlet" in modern script for 5th grade students to perform.
Students create a critical analysis of "Twilight" using a literary lens, such as Psychoanalytic, New Historicism, or Marxist theory.
Sample: http://prezi.com/uzb7qdmgfydj/feminist-criticism-in-twilight/
Nikki Morrell's Publications
eBook "#Reaching the Tweeps" was published to iBooks in Novemeber of 2012. Co-written with two LMP faculty members, this book acts as a quick how-to-use social media in the classroom guide for teachers.
Professional Development
Twitter, edSocialMedia, Edudemic, Huffington Post have provided thousand of incredible educational articles, essays, blogs, etc.
Meritas Teachers College- July 2013
Studying EQs, Differentiation, and Portfolios
FCIS Convention- November 2012
Presented "#Reaching the Tweeps: Using Social Media in Education
Graduate Course in Creative Writing: Screenwriting
Spring 2013
National Edowment for the Humanities
Summer Scholar Program-- Dante Seminar in Italy
June and July 2010
Contributor for edSocialMedia
Led PDs on edmodo, Prezi, Socrative, and Apps and Sites for Teachers
Beta Tester for Socrative
Master of Humanities 2009
Learning Guitar
I began learning guitar in 2001 after being told for the third time that I'd never be able to play because my hands were too small.
I started by teaching myself chords-- the easy ones: D, C, G-- the ones that make up most rock songs. Then, I slowly began to pick as I played the chords. Progress has been slow; those people were not wrong that my hands are too small; however, I'm doing well. More importantly, I've taught myself enough to read tab and to sing while I play-- which is the reason I wanted to play in the first place.
"Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd is the first song I learned to "pick." Here is my first try after learning the chords.
Here is another clip of the same song, showing my progress!
Graduate School
Writing Sample 2008
Learning to Write Critically
Action plan for improving my writing:
1. Clarity and concision
2. Narrowing focus
3. Using more concrete examples and textual support

Graduate School
Writing Sample 2009
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