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Case Review

Harsh Maroo

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Haier

About Haier.... HAIER is the world’s No. 1 brand of household electrical appliances. Founded in 1984, Haier Group has been dedicated to creating more values to users around the world, becoming a

service provider to improve living environment.
Zhang Ruimin, chairman and CEO of Haier, has led Haier to improve its products and promote its brand over the past decades. Going forward With Braganza’s efforts, Haier India viewed significant 200% increase in the sales in 2010. It’s other products’ contribution also raised to a third to Haier’s sales in India.
Braganza wants to expand and position itself in the Indian market. It is looking to grab the current opportunity. It is analyzing if its current pricing strategy would be effective or it needs to adapt other strategies.
The following are the ways by which Haier can go forward in the Indian market
Product offering.
Advertisement. Case Review Haier history !! Haier followed a set of values which were completely different from the Chinese culture of rapid economic growth.
Haier gained popularity for its product quality and the demand was also increasing as a result after a period of seven years.
Haier decided to diversify into other home electronics.
Haier again moved forward by expanding its production capacity, installing new machines and also diversifying into other products. Market Competition In 2005, color televisions were biggest categories among home electronics compared to refrigerators.
The heavy taxes increase the costs of both imported and locally goods, resulted in higher prices, and impeded industry growth.
Demand of basic things like ceiling fans was at top and least ownership percentage was of refrigerator which was then considered as a luxury product.
Mass market and competitors was L.G. & Samsung when the market had been challeneged by price war.
Market entry strategy Haier ventured into the international market with a image of Chinese copycat manufacturer with low quality products.
In 19TH century India was very cautious about the presence of foreign players in the country.
After the “Go Green” policy of Haier encouraged itself to create its presence in worldwide including India.
By entering in the most populated country Haier gained a 8.3% GDP growth.
They decided to gain 20% market share in white goods market in 5 years and top three positions in upcoming seven years. Three-in-one localization In Europe and United States Haier first set up its industrial unit then sales headquarters and lastly design centre in any country.
Haier established its manufacturing unit in Ranjangoan in Maharashtra.
First it established its manufacturing base then few years later it establishes its headquarters and lastly its design centre. Market strategy for India Branding
Mostly people have perception that Chinese goods have poor quality.
Market position and product offerings
Haier targeted the higher income group as it opted premium price strategy in India.
Haier introduced unique and patented models into the market that later became one of the most popular models in the segment. Challenges’ in Indian market & alternate strategies Challenges’ in Indian market and alternate strategies.
It failed to achieve any of its targets and also developed a poor reputation for after-sales care.
Due to disheartening sales, Haier attempted to re-enter in 2007 with direct cool refrigerators and other mass volume categories.
In 2008, it introduced many such products and even considered acquiring other brands. Presented By:
Kushal Galani
Harsh Maroo
Mridul Khanna
Shweta Nakrani
Sapna Premjani
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