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Environmental issues

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Anja Querndt

on 3 October 2017

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Transcript of Environmental issues

Global warming

Air Pollution
consequences for human and animals
fishes die because of the plastic and oil
birds die because they entangled in plastic or cant fly anymore because of oil glued fethers
beaches become dangerous – people can hurt
Groundwater is contaminated and this means also our drinking water

Global Warming is the changing of Earth's climate.
slow increase of Earth's average surface temperature around the whole world
it happening all over the world
1. Global Warming

2. Overpopulation

3. Air Pollution

4. kinds of Pollution


consequences for human and animals

6. most polluted oceans

Definition: What is Global Warming?
Reason of Global Warming:
Greenhouse Gases
gases in the atmosphere like water vapor, carbon dioxide and methane
come from all sorts of activities which is electricity, heating our homes an driving around town.
How can we prevent it?
the temperature getting warmer
sea level rise
giant ice sheets and glaciers melt
snow melt sooner
flowers bloom earlier
birds don't fly so much in a southward
direction in the winter
more powerful storms
extinction of species
there rising the temperature

the winter play ground is under a treat
of warmer temperature

it receives lots of monsoon rain and
sometimes also during the dry season
Places which are affected by
global warming
reduce green house gas emissions
energy conservation
renewable energy
reduce, reuse, recycle
make jobs that help the Earth
use a bike instead a car
Thank you for your attention !
We hope you enjoyed it !
the causes of many issues in our world
when gases are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans, animals and plant
air becomes dirty
Types of pollutants:
Primary pollutants
are those gases that are pumped into the air to make it unclean
example: carbon monoxide from automobile (cars)

Secondary pollutants:
when pollutants in the air mix up in a chemical reaction, they form an even more dangerous chemical
example: photochemical smog from a industry
Causes of Air Pollution:
Air pollution can result from both human and natural actions.
natural actions
forest fires, volcanic eruptions, wind erosion, pollen dispersal, evaporation, radioactivity

human actions
burning of Fossil Fuels, agricultural activities, Automobile emissions
Effects of human health
air pollution causes various disease
damage the cardiovascular and respiratory organs
depletes the Ozone Layer

illnesses causes people to miss school and work so people do not produce supplies and raise income

Damage trees, crops, wildlife, lakes and other large bodies of water
produces acid rain
smog from the burning of coal and oil, car and truck exhausts, power stations that create electricity, factories
these gases mix with rainwater which fall down on earth

acid rain ruins buildings, structures and roads
trees and plants
can draw away important nutrients and minerals from the leaves and soil
without these "vitamins" trees and plants can't grow properly
loose their leaves
no longer strong enough to fight against harsh cold and illness and so they die
Acid Rain:
Any form of precipitation (rain, snow, hail, fog) that is abnormally high in acid pollutants- specifically nitric and sulfuric acids"
does not look different from normal precipitation!
What can we do?
save electricity- turn off lights,electronics, etc. when not in use
use energy wisely
take public transportation, walk or bike
use energy-efficient appliances
educate others about this issues
recycle and re-use things
use alternative energy sources such
as wind and solar
when a species exceeds the maximum amount for it's ecological habitat
Why is overpopulation a problem?
because is calculated for the amount of sustainable, renewable resources available for every person
more people populate the earth = less resources per person
Graph about Grown of Overpopulation
Overpopulation in China
The most overpopulated country in the world is China, with over 1,3 billion people.
One reason why China is overpopulated:
-In their culture, the son inherits the family’s money,
therefore everyone wants to have a boy.

A consequence:
-There’s no space for living, so people are destroying nature in order to build homes.

Solutions they have made:
There’s a rule of having just one child.
Plastic waste

Plastic waste is flushed into the sea via rivers
Dumps are being distributed to seashores
Birds and fishes eat the plastic and die

beaches become dirty and dangerous
improve waste- management on sea

mortgage obligation
people bring the empty bottles back to the store

Dual system (Germany)
nearly all resources can be recycled

oil Pollution
Leaks on oil platforms

Accidents on oil tankers

oil wells

oiled beaches

fishes die

birds become dirty and cant fly

measures on sea
oil barriers


measures on beaches
treatment of animals

oil barriers to block the oil

chemical pollution
from rivers to oceans

heavy metals

Most polluted oceans

1 million tons of oil flowing into oceans each year
The north-pacific - plastic waste in a huge of middle europe
The north sea – 20000 tons plastic waste every year
Gulf of Mexico (Deepwater Horizon)
Persian Gulf
That was our presentation
Thanks for your attention!
That was our Presentation

Thanks for your attention!
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