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The Iroquois and Myan Civilizations

Travel Brochure

Samantha Trentham

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of The Iroquois and Myan Civilizations

Travel Guide The 7 pieces of Iroquois and Mayan
Civilizations Iroquois Civilization One thing that the Iroquois civilization has is an organized government. There are 5 different tribes. Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk, Oneida, and Onondaga. But instead of having 5 different governments for each tribe, they formed a joint government. Each chief gets one vote. Having such a stable and advanced government makes the Iroquois cities very civilized. Another thing that the Iroquois civilization has is religion. They believe that the Great Spirit is their creator, but they also have many followers of Christianity. They believe that dreams are signs, and that they are desires of your soul. The Iroquois have different, fascinating religions. The way that the Iroquois kept record is by using "wampum" . They use beads, and by positioning the beads certain ways on the rope, they create words. The Iroquois keep track of important information or events, so nothing important is forgotten. They keep records, and make art at the same time! Most of the art and architecture in Iroquois are made out of some kind of plant, like the longhouses made out of elm bark. The longhouses are large, or at least big enough to fit most of the relatives from the mother's side of the family into one longhouse. The Iroquois make beautiful cave paintings and carvings, which are definitely worth a visit. The Iroquois do have social classes. Local tribesmen will generally farm, fish, and hunt. Gathering food from the forest will usually be done by women and children. However, the people are pretty free-willed. No one is enslaved by another, and the chiefs are not controlling the peoples actions, they are merely the voice for the people. The Iroquois do have developed cities. They have five tribes, houses, a stable government, and reliable food source. They planted crops in addition to hunting and gathering and fishing. The Iroquois developed a system of economies that is different from, for example, today's economy, which has evolved greatly. Their system is defined by ideas like common ownership of land, and labor that is divided based on gender. For example, the men farm and hunt while the women stay home, take care of their family, and gather occasionally from the forest. Their trade with others is mostly based on gift economy. To help the flow of work, gender plays a large part in deciding who does what in their city. Maya Civilization The Mayas have wonderful technology. However, they lack in technology good enough to lift heavy boulders to create large buildings. Because of this, there is specialized labor, because there have to be hundreds of peasants to lift the boulders. The Mayas do keep records. They were actually the first during the beginning of their time period to keep records. They use ideographic and phonetic elements. When writing the records, they write it on codex, or bark paper. The Maya do have organized governments. They function as city-states, and each city-state has its own government. Even without a central government, the city-states are still linked by trade. The Maya do have social classes. It's divided into Ahau, nobles, priests, merchants, artists, and peasants also slaves. At the head of each city-state, there is Halach uninic, also called the Ahua. It is commonly accepted that the appearance of Kings in the Maya lowland civilizations happened during the time period change from the pre classic to the modern times. It is carved on stone slabs. The Maya do have religion. They believe that they needed to worship everything in nature, because that is what the gods control. They can communicate with Gods through prayers and visions. They believe that every person has an animal companion spirit. The Maya's have many interesting beliefs on what happens in the world. The Mayas are famous for beautiful art and architecture. They have bright, colorful paintings, elaborate carvings, and huge stone temples. Everything is decorated with color from berries and other natural resources. The stone temples have complicated designs that must have been enormously difficult to carry out in the time period that the temples were built in. The Mayas do have developed cities. They have great architecture abilities, which resulted in stable houses. They have city states with their own stable governments. Everything about the cities is stable, because they can make a strong army quickly, and definitely have the means to make proper weapons. All in all, the Iroquois and Maya civilizations are definitely worth seeing, because they are both truly great civilizations. Made by:
Allison Granger
Austin Kendall
Samantha Trentham Citations http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_type_of_art_did_the_iroquois_have





https://encrypted-tbn2.google.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ5h0tGEXn4qIYMWhgkyp0MosS5_T40lyy4TQQofyFjTijV_1SCmg www.lost-civilization.net/mayan-history.htm




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