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cata junemann

on 20 June 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Camila Avayú
Catalina Jünemann
How early experience can affect later development

1950: developmental psychologists study the nature and importance of the infants tie to the mother.

Kagan et al. (1978) describe attachment as:
"Intense, emotional relationship specific to two people, that endures over time, and in which prolonged separation from the partner is accompanied by stress and sorrow"
Melanie Klein
Bad relationship with mother
Joined the research team in London "Tavitock Clinic" studying maternal separation on child development
Contribution to children developmental psychology
Studies in Africa of mother-infant interaction, provided inside to attachment theory
"Strange situation procedure" based on Bowlby´s theories, she proved different attachment responses
-secure attachment
-Anxious-resistant insecure Attachment
-Anxious-avoidant insecure Attachment -Disorganized Attachment
Mary Ainsworth
John Bowlby
Attachment is a crucial process for the children's development
A negative attachment relationship may contribute to undesired consequences
Distant relationship with mother, spent an hour a day with her
Raised by his nanny, left when he was four
Sent to boarding school at the age of seven
Developed interest in children´s suffering
-pattern of family relationships, attachment dysfunctions transmitted to following generations
-different types of attachment proved by Mary Ainsworth
-Knew Melanie Klein but differed, for him the importance of attachment relies on real life events and not on fantasies
Attachment theory began with him (evolutionary)
Influenced by ethologist Lorenz- imprinting theory
Focus on the effect of attachment relationships
Maternal deprivation
Babies genetically programmed-"synchrony of action"
After 12 months, mothering is useless-critical period
Though other attachment relationships exist, less important, even father
Psychologist related to Developmental approach
Her first patients where her son and daughter- criticized
Influenced by Sigmund Freud but differed in certain areas
-Oedipus complex
-Psychosexual stages
First therapist to employ psychoanalysis in young children
Complete the handout by linking the concepts described with the respective names
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