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No description

reg dela cruz

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of sampaguita

•How can words be used to make your ideas vivid? •What makes a good poem? POETRY WHAT IS ? QUESTIONS ESSENTIAL WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY? So, which half do you use when studying poetry? Here are a few hints:
Poetry requires creativity
Poetry requires emotion
Poetry requires an artistic quality
Poetry requires logic
CLOUD RIGHT FLUFFY DOG “Poets, or people who write poetry, do more than list down concrete objects in their poems. To make their work more wonderful and creative they employ the use of descriptive words that make the subject of the poem more vivid.” What is Poetry? It is a major genre of literature.
It uses well-chosen, and well- arranged words.
It seeks to create a specific response through its meaning , sound and rhythm.
It is imaginative.
It is based on human experiences •What does the poem tells us about the Sampaguita?
•How did the poem describe the Sampaguita?
•Does the poet effectively convey the message that he wants to say?

Little sampaguita
With the wondering eye,
Did a tiny fairy
Drop you where you lie?

In the witching hour
Of a tropic night
Did a careless moonbeam
Leave you in its flight?

BY ; Natividad Marquez

•“In poetry it is important to use descriptive words that will vividly describe your subject. If you are to write a poem having “A Clarian “as a subject, what words will you use to describe him/her? How will you describe him/her? 8 LINES UNIT THREE THE WORLD IS AN APPLE POSTER AND PRESENTATION DUE TOMORROW 1/4 http://www.facebook.com/groups/477403885627923/ BOTH
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