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Are pigs smart?

No description

Mr. Stack

on 14 December 2016

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Transcript of Are pigs smart?

Pigs can do tricks
Wild pigs
Good memory
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Pigs have both long term memory and short term memory. Long term means memory that lasts for a long period of time. Short term memory saves the little moments in life that are about eighteen to thirty seconds. They also have episodic memory. That is past events in their lives.
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Wild pigs are one of the most intelligent species. They learn to avoid danger very quickly. They are deadly. If you mess with them they will hurt you. They have two tusks on the front of their head that will scrape you.
4 Fun Facts
1. Sixth sense
Pig know when a positive and negative thing is about to happen.

3. Fetch
Pigs do not understand commands like jump or sit, but they do understand fetch.

What do You Think?
People think pigs are not smart because they roll in mud, and to us their food looks gross.
Well, guess what? Someone once taught their pig how to play video games!!
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Mr. B Hamilton
Nellie is a very smart pig. In fact she is one of the smartest pigs.
In this video Nellie will do many tricks. Such as; she spells H-A-M (ham). She also learned to change her mind. That might be easy to you, but maybe not for a pig. Hope you enjoy
Are Pigs Smart?
Take pigs off your plates!!

By Isabelle Maselli
Pigs can do many tricks, one of them is
. In soccer they can dribble, kick the ball, AND SCORE! Most pigs can
. They can also play
. In golf they would use there snout to move the ball. If they used their leg, they would be unbalanced.
2. Recognizing
Pigs can recognize other pigs by their odor.

4. Human Understanding
Pigs understand the emotions of a humans face.
Thanks to...
Extraordinary Animals
Google picture
Anika Gurjar
Nelly playing soccer
Pig jumping over pole
Pig swimming
Pig in mud
Hogs with food
(Not eating it off your plate, never let it get on your plate.)
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