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Tragedy of mice and men

No description

Zainab Tarradah

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Tragedy of mice and men

Candy, the old swamper, is a lonely old ranch hand who lost his right hand during an accident on the ranch and is kept due to his ability to clean around. He wanted to help George and Lennie to buy a ranch and offered them money, but the dream couldn't be fulfilled.
Tragedy of
" Of Mice & Men "

by john steinbeck
The Dust bowl
John Steinbeck's "Of Mice and Men" took place during the early 1930's. During this time occurred The Great Depression and The Dust Bowl causing American's to have a dream of owning their own ranch due to their loss of jobs and families. During this time of harsh poverty and long-term unemployment, having a companion to travel with was very rare. This supported the novella's tragic atmosphere, as the characters were very lonely due to losing their families, and suffered tension while looking for a new job.
Presented By: Zainab Tarradah & Rogina Barsoum & Lulwa Saleh & Mohammed Mahmood...
What is a Tragedy ?
A Tragedy is an event that causes great disturbance in the story.
A Tragic Hero is a person with good intentions that eventually fails in search of his Tragic Dream(The dream that will never come true) and faces his downfall. The audience usually feels sympathy towards him.
The Tragic Flaw(Also known as Hamartia), is the character's flaw that causes his downfall.

Curley's Wife
Candy lives a tragic life as he is old and disabled. His life turned very lonely especially when he lost his only companion, his dog, as soon as he turned unuseful. He has a fear that once he cannot swamp, he will be disposed of, like his dog, as most people did not live past their 70's during the times of The Great Depression. They died from poverty and hunger as no one would help them once they got unuseful. Candy's tragic life symbolizes what would happen to the characters if their circumstances don't change. They will be disposed of once they grow old.
Curley's wife is known to be the only woman on the ranch. The men on the ranch call her names such as "jailbait" and "tart" as they think she applies a lot of make-up and dresses like a whore with red fingernails and red shoes with ostrich feathers. Curley's wife always hangs around the bunk house and asks for Curley as an excuse to talk to the ranchsmen. She is killed in the end of the novella.
Due to her being the only woman on the ranch, Curley's Wife lives a tragic life as she is a victim of racial discrimination, and Curley does not allow her to have conversations with other ranchsmen, despite him not spending enough time with her. Her illusions are shattered as she is not able to fulfill her dream of becoming famous, and she declines a man's proposal of helping her on it. Instead she marries Curley, and she does not like to have conversations with him as he is pugnacious. She dies tragically when Lennie accidentally breaks her neck while she tries to talk to him.
George Milton, the protagonist in the novella, is an angry yet understanding man. He companies Lennie, and they undergo a brotherly relationship in which George looks after Lennie. Lennie gives George a purpose for living as both characters complete each other. They dream of having their own ranch, and George sees this dream as an easy escape from the trouble that Lennie occasionaly causes. These trouble cause them to flee from ranch to ranch, as the previous ranches do not want Lennie anymore. They arrive in a ranch in Soledad where new troubles begin for them.
George is known to be the protagonist in the novella because he undergoes a great change. In the beginning, he finds hope to accomplish the American Dream with his companion, Lennie. Later on, he faces reality and finds out he needs to get rid of Lennie from the trouble he caused, and kills him. This is tragic because George's life will have no purpose and he will feel empty without Lennie.
Lennie Small, George's foil in the novella, is an innocent man who thinks like a child but has the strength of a bear. He is very loyal to his companion, George, but does not know how to comprehend "loyal". He is enthusiastic for him and George to finally have their American Dream, where he can pet soft things like rabbits. Lennie gets into a lot of trouble, but does not mean to be harmful.
Lennie is seen to be the most tragic hero in the novella. His great feeling of wanting to pet soft things caused his tragic death. When Lennie pets things, he uses violence and agression. He touched Curley's Wife's hair and started to pet it, and later on this led to her broken neck. George killed Lennie in fear of the ranchsmen's torture to him. Lennie died in search of getting his own ranch, but his dream could not be fulfilled.
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Crooks, also known as the stable buck in the novella Of Mice and Men, is a major victim of racial discrimination in the book. Crooks has always kept his distance from the other ranch men and demanded that they keep theirs. He is also one of the many characters in the book whom suffer from loneliness as he is not friends with anyone on the ranch and is often alone. Crooks later on becomes interested in joining George, Lennie and Candy in pursuing their American Dream of having a ranch of their own but then quickly changes his mind due to the fact that George showed racial discrimination towards him.
Crooks faces discrimination on the ranch as he is the only black man on the ranch. Therefore, he is never invited nor included in any of the men's gatherings and playing cards. He is also one of the many characters in the book whom suffer from loneliness as he is not friends with any of the ranch men and is always alone.
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